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The two of them get into an argument in the hall because now Hunt wants to keep Audrey's case while Richard thinks he already handed her over. Cristina interjects that this case is ripe for a Harper Avery award, and Richard admits that Harper had suggested he get back into research and that this case would be perfect for that. Hunt argues that this is a surgery where one will have to improvise, while Richard thinks that it's going to take methodical analysis of her scans and a set plan. Hunt thinks this approach is "old school," and when he sees the look on Richard's face from this insult about his age, adds lamely that that shouldn't make it personal. "You just did, Ginger," Richard snaps back. Meredith and Derek come upon the fight and when Derek asks whose patient this is, they both claim her. He thinks they should work together but shit-stirrer Cristina points out that the Harper Avery is an individual award, and this starts the two docs yelling at each other again about their approach to the surgery. Derek breaks in and says that some "friendly professional competition" is good, so they should each come up with a plan and present it to him, and that Cristina and Meredith will assist. Much to everyone's shock, Cristina says she's going with Webber, and she tells an appalled Hunt that Richard has this in the bag.

She heads to the elevator and Hunt runs after her all atwitter, demanding to know why she pushed him in the first place. She points out that this way she can let him know Richard's plan, and after a moment he says he can't believe she would spy, because that's cheating. Has he met Cristina before? She just tells him he's adorable when he's slow, and he embraces the idea, telling her admiringly that she has a dark mind.

Dr. Warren and Bailey seem to have been moving forward nicely -- he asks her what she's doing that night and she tells him that she's going to a yoga class, given to her for Christmas by the "fascist vegan" next door. With his disarmingly cute smile, he tells her that she's having dinner with him instead of doing yoga. She admits that her main drive is that she'll get an earful if she doesn't go, and Warren tells her, "My back kind of hurts, but the BREATHING! I've never breathed like that before in my life!" She's confused and he explains that that is what everyone says after their first yoga class, so that's what she can tell the fascist vegan while she's enjoying dinner with him. She repeats her story after him and he grins at her, and she gives a little shy smile back, clearly completely smitten with him. And who can blame her?

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