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Alex is working on something when Avery comes out of a patient's room and hesitates a moment before sucking it up and admitting he can't find the patient's heartbeat. Alex predictably mocks him for his lack of skills, before going in and seeing the patient himself. The guy is having a hard time catching his breath, and Avery explains that he has one of his lungs removed when he was nine -- the patient, Todd, chimes in that now it seems the other one is going. His girlfriend, Molly, just bitches that this is only a panic attack because she asked him to move in with her. Alex has been trying to get a heartbeat and finally has to admit that he can't find one either. Avery gets in his own quick retort before Todd has a full attack and really can't breathe.

They call in Teddy, who finally finds Todd's heart down by his kidney. Since he has no lung, it seems his heart started drifting around in his chest with a case of floatawayitis syndrome. The shifting then caused some compression that caused him not to breathe; Molly is now berating herself for being a complete bitch when he really had a medical problem. They hold hands as Todd asks about putting his heart back where it belongs, and Teddy explains that they will use saline implants. Everyone pauses a second to digest what she just said and Alex confirms that yes, it's what they use for fake boobs. Todd is not happy with this idea in the least and even when Teddy says that no one will see them, he starts to ask how he is supposed to... Molly swings right back to being pissed off at him, assuming he was wondering how to explain his fake boobs to the next girl he dates. She grabs her things and storms out while he calls after her weakly, and then asks Teddy if he has a choice. He doesn't, if he enjoys breathing.

Hunt and Richard are in with Audrey and Don to explain what they are going to do. He admits the risk is high and Audrey declares it will kill her, and that she only wants one more month anyway so that she can see her daughter get married. Hunt gives her the only piece of news that starts her thinking about the surgery, and that is that she might not make it one month. She's absolutely stricken, and then tells them she'll listen to the plan that they come up with.

Lexie, meanwhile, greets a mom, Kelly, and her son Noah who is having severe abdominal pain. Kelly is completely freaked and mentions they were at the zoo, and Lexie starts to examine him and has Arizona paged when he jumps and yelps in pain.

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