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Dear Callie

Teddy seeks out Mark to ask him about the implants, and he steps right in it when he congratulates her on the decision and admits he thought about it when he first met her but didn't think she was the type to go for it. She's confused and then repulsed when she realizes he thinks she's talking about implants for herself and quickly corrects him. Mark is saved by Callie, who has watched the whole exchange, and calls him over for a "consult". He hops over on one foot, his other still in his mouth, but once there Callie tells him in a whisper that Teddy is just the type of woman he's been looking for and orders him to ask her out -- she must not have heard what just happened between the two just now because Mark has to admit he's not sure Teddy will go for it. Callie isn't taking no for an answer and just shoves him back to his conversation.

He walks back over to Teddy, apologizes, and assures her that her breasts are fantastic just as they are. She's got the look of a deer in the headlights until Mark brings her back around to her original subject: her patient. She explains quickly how she wants to use the implants to stabilize his heart, and Mark tells her he will take a look. That taken care of, she flees. Before she's out of earshot Mark calls after her to ask if it would be a bad idea to try asking her out on a date, which it totally is. Callie watches all this unfold with quite an "Oh dear," face.

Arizona comes across a frazzled Teddy waiting for the elevator and she explains that Mark asked her out; she clearly doesn't expect Arizona's reaction, which is to think a moment and then carefully call it "Cool." Teddy thinks this is the very opposite of cool but Arizona explains that Mark could be a bit of fun to help take her mind off of Hunt. She says that he's like candy: "Eat it and forget about it!" (Well, except when you're at the gym trying to work it off -- if I could really eat it and forget about it my sweet tooth would be forever grateful.) She thinks this might be the best idea ever though Teddy doesn't seem entirely convinced.

While Richard looks at a computer rendering of Audrey's tumor, Cristina asks him questions and he tells her he might let her do a resection of the diaphragm, much to her delight and surprise. That only lasts a second, though, because he says it's that or kicking her off the case if she leaks too much info to Hunt. She seems to have forgotten that he was Chief, and knows the games that surgeons play and so he totally knows she's spying on him. He offers her the chance to do some more resections, though, if she wants to "realign [her] allegiances," and she looks a little torn between the idea of helping Hunt and getting to do some cool procedures. Richard tells her to think about it.

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