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Dear Callie

Callie leaves her dungeon long enough to go grab lunch with Arizona in the cafeteria, and when Arizona brings up the idea of Mark and Teddy Callie happily says she had the very same thought. They have a few smug moments about how they are the most in-sync, brilliant couple ever in the history of romance but then there's the proverbial record scratch when Arizona says that Teddy needs someone to cleanse her palate (her surgical field, if you will) and Callie replies that Teddy needs someone to father her children. Callie explains that Mark wants a family and Arizona fesses up to the whole "candy" analogy, her excuse being that she had no idea about this new fatherly side of Mark. Speak of the devil, he comes in and throws himself into a chair to lament how Teddy said no, then yes, then no, and is treating him like a piece of meat. When he asks who would do that, Arizona ventures that in fact he would, but he says he has changed. One can understand her confusion as it was only days before that he was acting like he was trying to win the gold in the Sex Olympics. Alex comes up to tell him the time of the surgery and when Mark pats his arm, a scared Alex flinches away from him. He obviously doesn't quite believe Mark's promise that he'll stop being a jerk. (An understandable fear given that he was caught with Little Grey two seconds after said promise was made.)

Lexie walks up to Alex but he tells her not to talk to him here since Sloan has crazy eyes. Lexie brushes this off and asks if she is still Mark's property, but when she offers to talk to him Alex tells her to wait since they are going to be in surgery together soon. She looks across the room at Mark and then gives a big "Ugh," and goes to sit with Mere and Cristina. She complains about Mark wanting to kill Alex but when Mere tries to remind her that sleeping with Alex is a bad idea Lexie insists that the situation is happy and easy, and that Mark took so much mental energy that this is the best thing that could have happened to her. Cristina clearly doesn't believe all this but Lexie goes so far as to talk about how much happier Mark would be if he could just move on. Mere decides to test this and says he was picking up Teddy, but Lexie is convinced that's just for sex like all of the other drug reps and nurses, and complains about his double standard for her sex life. Cristina just mocks her, telling her that there's no getting over her, so she lets out another "Ugh," and leaves. Mere laughs at Cristina and her ability to clear a room when Hunt joins them to tell Mere that Audrey's new scans are ready. Cristina asks how it's going and they give her an update, but when Mere asks about Richard's plans she gets all vague and says that he's flailing like the sad, old guy he is. She's made the classic mistake of going too far with her lie, because Hunt knows Richard isn't a flailer. Cristina leaves to go help him some more and Mere and Hunt know that she's been turned and run to go get to the scans before she does.

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