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Smells Like Team Spirit
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It's a relief to know that Mere thinks that surgeons can't be lazy. Of course, as she VOs this, she and Cristina are lying in the grass, looking at clouds like little girls. She continues that when surgeons stop pushing themselves, something terrible happens. Cristina gripes that Teddy has sucked out all of her imagination, but Meredith tells her that the new gameplan she is implementing is to just keep the faith and believe everything is going to be okay. Cristina tries it out by pointing out that Teddy told her she has something great for her today. She's disgusted to hear that Mere is working in OB again but Meredith likes it because she has a lot of downtime to secretly work on Bailey's trial; even though Bailey told to stay away, she feels like she's really close to figuring it out. A ball then flies at them and it turns out that they are lying in the outfield during a softball practice since Owen has put together a hospital softball team. Alex runs after the ball and mocks them for not playing but when he hears Cristina mention Zola (specifically, how she thinks Meredith is focusing on the trial to keep from thinking about Zola) he stops to ask if there's been any news and neglects to actually throw the ball back to the infield. Mere tells him that now they are just waiting for a court date, and so Alex throws the ball back to the catcher, Arizona, who happens to actually be afraid of the ball.

Basically, they are the Bad News Bears. Mark is busy making out with an ophthalmologist from Seattle Presbyterian who has shown up at the field before her own practice, and it turns out that he's been seeing her for a week. Lexie tries to kill her with a glare, proving that Mama Avery's warnings to Jackson were wise. Richard is reading on the bench and insists to Callie that he's just saving his energy for the game. Teddy keeps begging Owen to pitch but he wants to leave Derek on the mound. Lexie gets a hit and the doctors all go after the ball as if they are toddlers who haven't properly mastered the art of walking yet, because apparently when they set food on the field they all forgot their basic motor skills. Seriously, we've seen most of them run down the halls of the hospital and they look much more adept than we're seeing now. The rest of the Seattle Presbyterian team then arrives for practice, led by their Chief, McDougall. He mocks Owen for even managing to form a team with all of the embarrassing goings-on at Seattle Grace and Owen tries to stay calm and just promises to kick their butts the next day. McDougall is understandably doubtful as he watches the sorry display on the diamond in front of him. Derek then gets a page and grabs Lexie to go and do a consult, so all of the other doctors take this as a dismissal and leave, ignoring Owen's protests. McDougall then blows a whistle and his team all run out to the field; you know they are good because they have on matching team shirts. You know they are at least better than the Seattle Grace team because they can actually jog like humans.

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