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Smells Like Team Spirit

While all this is going on, Mark and his ophthalmologist ladyfriend are standing on first base while going to first base. Lexie's fed up with watching their lusty display and moans for them to get a room, but Jackson just tells her to give them a break. She doesn't, and finally, finally, FINALLY, Jackson seems to realize that his mom might have been right and that his girlfriend is having a bit of a jealousy conniption fit over another man. He asks her for confirmation that they are happy together but she just stands up and yells at everyone to get a move on and start playing again. He sits back, now actually worried.

Bailey is finally yelling everything she's kept bottled up for weeks about Meredith being reckless and irresponsible while Mere yells back that this is between her, Richard, and Derek and so Bailey needs to just butt out. And while I understand why Bailey is angry I actually think that Meredith rather has a point. Richard comes up and mercifully breaks into their arguing and yells at both of them. To Bailey he points out that she has nerve rubbing Meredith's nose in her mistakes since she can't even fix her own failing trial, and she really does need Meredith for that. To Mere he orders her to put some blue scrubs back on again and be a surgeon. He then tells them that they are to meet up in the lab on Monday morning. Both of them reluctantly agree, though Bailey's agreement is more of just a grunt. Cristina grins at someone yelling at Mere to give up the pink scrubs as Richard walks away and resumes the game, while Bailey and Mere try to shoot each other dead with their angry glares.

Teddy throws yet another awful pitch and this time, their Chief hits a home run. Time must have elapsed without our seeing it because they are now losing 12-0, and Chief McDougall is happy to rub it in as he jogs leisurely around the bases like he's Kirk Gibson.

For one brief moment Owen tries to pretend Teddy isn't horrible but when her own husband says it, Owen readily agrees. He tells Derek to get ready to pitch but Derek calls on Lexie, now that he knows she actually once was a pitcher. When they go to pull Teddy she's actually surprised and insists she is just warming up, so apparently once she gets out of scrubs she turns brain dead. Henry is super cute as he teases her and so she eventually gives up the mound. Owen then calls time out and has the whole team gather around him so that he can tell them how proud he is and how they are incredible, teaching each other and learning from each other, and stepping up when they need to. Cristina thinks he might actually be drunk too and questions if he really thinks they have a shot. Incredulously he tells her there's no way because they are all horrible at softball but as a surgical team they are awesome and he's their proud leader. He then declares that now they'll at least go down fighting.

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