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At the hospital, Cristina is asking Teddy what this promised good case might be and throws out all sorts of complicated-sounding surgeries. Teddy shoots down all her guesses but tells her that it will probably take all morning; she then opens the door and introduces Cristina to her very large patient, Mr. Felker, who is there for an angioplasty. Cristina turns the other way and at least lowers her voice to complain to Teddy that she thought she would be doing a heart surgery. Teddy points out that she is working to prevent Mr. F from having a heart attack. Mr. F is incredibly jolly and calls out to them, asking if they are going to get on with roto-rootering his veins. Cristina must be learning something from Teddy because when she turns around she at least tries to look happy about the job in front of her, rather than showing Mr. Felker that she probably wishes he'd just have a heart attack so she'd have something more interesting to fix.

April trots after Owen as he marches down the hall and proudly tells him she typed up his team roster. Owen compliments her on her administrative assistant skills but then has to clarify that as she is a surgeon, this isn't a compliment. He tells her that he thinks being Chief Resident has set her back and that she needs to start doing surgeries again. Please let this be the start of a new storyline for April, she is fast becoming the most boring doctor ever to work here. They head into a trauma room where they meet Carl, a trash man who fell off of the back of his truck and then was hit by a car. His hand looks like ground beef and he starts to panic when he hears Callie mention that he's probably going to lose part of it. Owen takes over and yells instructions at everyone, and is much more worried about the possibility of internal injuries than for Carl's pulverized hand. He shoos Callie away and finally she snaps off her gloves and testily tells him to just go ahead and page her when he needs her. Come on, Callie, it's only a hand. What does he need that for?

Arizona trots up to Alex and asks him to sign papers that would release Zola's records so that she can be transferred to Seattle Presbyterian. While she was obviously hoping he'd just accept this with no fuss he instead has a fit, despite her protests that this is a pretty big conflict of interest to have her at the hospital where Meredith and Derek work. Hey, it only took social services weeks to figure that out, too! No wonder Mere and Derek are still waiting endlessly. He grabs the paperwork away and yells about how they shouldn't be taking her from her doctors, then walks away and tells a doubtful Arizona that he'll take care of it.

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