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Derek and Lexie's patient is a teenage girl who came from San Francisco to see the great McDreamy and his magic hair and hands herself. She has a somethingbadsoundingtoma which Lexie explains is a non-cancerous tumor sitting on the girl's hypothalamus. I don't ever want an anythingtoma sitting on any part of my brain with that many syllables, cancerous or no. They go inside and see that the patient is having a seizure but her mom is calmly holding her, clearly used to this. She's having more and more seizures each day and her mom, only known on IMDB as Mrs. Baer, has done her research on Derek. She knows he has an amazing success rate with surgery and wants him to do this one. Derek tells her that with the current accepted procedure he can only get part of the tumor, but Mrs. B just wants any measure of relief that they can get. Derek, however, wants to try a different procedure he thinks can get the entire tumor. She points out that none of the eight other neurosurgeons they saw suggested this procedure and he admits it's never been done before. She asks about the risks and Lexie takes her through the awful list of thing like memory loss, stroke, or, oh, death. But then again, isn't that a possibility with most brain surgeries or even really, any surgery, period? Mrs. B is absolutely against it, and so Derek asks to see the list of surgeons that she has seen and then politely recommends one of them to do the surgery before wishing her luck and leaving.

Owen finds Derek to ask him, rather reasonably, why he just heard from a mother that Derek is refusing to treat her daughter. Derek has his prissy pants hitched up high and mightily and tells Owen he thinks he's amazing enough to try out a brand new surgery on the girl and everything else is wasting his time. I'm not paraphrasing as much as you would think. Owen is not pleased since these people got on a plane specifically to be treated by the Great Derek Shepherd but Derek staunchly refuses, saying the tumor will eventually grow back if he does the old-fashioned surgery. His reasoning is that his daughter was taken away and now all he can do is sit back and hope for the best, so he refuses to do that in other areas of his life too. Owen is still not impressed, and tells Derek that this isn't a hospital that sends patients home. Derek thinks a moment and agrees... that he's going to prove to the mom that his brand-new brain surgery technique will work.

Bailey is having a very difficult conversation with Teddy and Henry since she has to admit that there are problems with the device they implanted. Teddy kind of flips and upon hearing that Henry has to start testing his blood sugar again, snipes at Bailey about how this device that was supposed to help is now a failure. It was at this point that I yelled at the TV, "HelLO, this was a TRIAL," and then I'm echoed by a very easygoing Henry reminding Teddy of that fact. Bailey assures them that they did find out what is wrong and are now searching for a solution, and Henry reminds Teddy that he knew all of these things might happen when they gave it to him in the first place. Henry reassures Teddy that everything will be okay and that Bailey will figure it out, and they leave. Fortunately that leaves Bailey alone with her, "Shit, I'm not sure that's really true," look on her face.

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