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Cristina gets started on her angioplasty and isn't really into the idea of having a conversation with the guy about his career in fast food while she does it, especially when he asks her if this is all she does every day. He doesn't notice her silence and just explains how he is the manager of his restaurant which means he has to pitch in and do a little bit of everything, including cleaning the restrooms. If only Teddy were there she'd kiss the guy on the lips for trying to teach Cristina the lesson she's been trying to drill into her all season. Cristina, on the other hand, has them sedate him a little bit further to stop his chuckling about how this is obviously the surgical equivalent of cleaning toilets.

Henry and Teddy see Owen shaking his head and he laments that he seems to have lost his starting pitcher to brain surgery. Dude, you can't complain after you were just insisting that your starting pitcher take the surgery in the first place. But this conveniently allows Teddy to beg to be the new pitcher, which conveniently also allows her to remind Henry that he was pro ball player once who can vouch for her. Actually, their short courtship never featured baseball but Owen perks up to hear the "former pro" part and wants Henry on the team as a ringer. He tells Henry that he'll hire him as an administrative assistant and fire him after the game. As Henry suggests he could have a cooler job title, the boys both ignore Teddy's continued pleas to be allowed to pitch.

Arizona seeks out Mere with the excuse that she has a new mom patient who is having chest pain, but Mere already called for the consult. That's fine, because Arizona obviously just wants to try and find out if Alex gave her any more secret news about Zola. Mere doesn't seem to have any idea about them wanting to move her to a new hospital, and Arizona mentions that the court asked for her records but insists it's probably nothing. She then notices that Mere has a bunch of islet cell info on her computer screen, but Meredith smoothly tells her that she's now working on the trial with Bailey. Arizona points out that Bailey seems to actually kind of hate Mere right now, but Mere insists they are good. She's not entirely convincing, and Arizona seems to not entirely believe her.

Speaking of Alex, he's in a suit standing in line at some depressing, cookie-cutter government building, trying to get information on Zola's case. He's unceremoniously shut down by the woman there who just repeats over and over that he needs to send any request in writing and it will take weeks to process the request. Alex finally asks for the address and she mentions the fifth floor, so he runs up there.

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