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April brings Carl's chart to Callie and tells her that he's not bleeding internally, so he is now Callie's. Callie is still put out about having been treated like a second-class citizen, but April's head is so far in the clouds that she has to actually ask if Callie's sarcastic reply was sarcastic. She apologizes for being denser than a fruitcake and then asks if she can assist in order to get more hours in the OR. Callie tells her that's fine, and then goes to tell Carl about the state of his hand.

It's really not good. She tries to tell him that given everything that happened, he's kind of lucky, but the bottom line is that he might lose two of his fingers. And now we have the Great Promo Fakeout of the Week. We saw a guy waving a scalpel around at Callie but it turns out that he pulls the instrument out of his backpack as he is looking for his phone. Callie is freaked out since he's super upset and just grabbed something sharp but he very immediately drops it and assures her that it's not any kind of weapon; it's a tool he uses for woodcarving, which he does in his spare time. He calms Callie down and she takes some deep breaths as he pulls out one really ornate carving, and then a notebook of complex illustrations clearly for more carvings. She compliments him on the work and finds out that he doesn't sell anything, but just does it because he loves it. He then goes to call his wife and warns Callie that she's going to be upset, but Callie seems to have a new idea and tells him that she is something of an artist herself.

Derek is trying out his newfangled brain surgery on a fake brain but unfortunately he keeps fake-paralyzing his fake patient. Lexie is there watching his progress on a monitor and tells him each time he kills some important motor function. Owen comes in to see how it is going and Lexie shuts off the monitor, probably so he won't see just how badly things are proceeding. Derek supposes it's time to suck it up and do the original surgery but Owen tells him to try his procedure again, and then insists that he's practicing his coaching skills. After much convincing, Lexie turns the monitor back on but Derek keeps ruining important parts of the fake brain.

Cristina appears to be doing her angioplasty in a room that has its windows open right out on one of the hallways. I mean, really? No curtain, even? It might be just roto-rootering someone's arteries but it is still a surgical procedure and I don't know that a patient needs an audience of, like, someone else's mom. Meredith runs in to let Cristina know about Zola's medical records being subpoenaed, which they think could possibly be a good sign that they might be doing it in preparation for Mere and Derek to finally get a court date. She emails Janet, despite having just told Cristina that they have been bugging her to much, and Cristina reminds her to keep the faith. Meredith complains that she can't figure out a problem in the diabetes trial, and Cristina just laments back that she used to be a real surgeon doing real surgeries. Mere gets an email back from Janet that turns out to be an out-of-office response, and that kills any possible faith-keeping she had left in her since she assumes Janet is on vacation and doesn't really care. She walks out complaining that Zola has probably forgotten her by now.

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