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Smells Like Team Spirit

I really do think that, when building this guy a mangled hand for the show, the guys deployed generous amounts of ground beef. It's disgusting. As Callie works, April complains about how Owen doesn't understand that all this administrative work she does makes everyone else's surgeries possible, blah blah blah underachievingcakes. Callie asks her if she wants to be an assistant and when the answer is no, tells her to get a grip and just get into the OR. She then hands over the very large drill with a very long, very fine bit on it and offers April the chance to use it, if it will make her heart sing. April happily takes it, though she's not very careful when wielding this giant needle-like thing. We're saved from watching her by alarms that start to blare because something is going wrong with his heart.

Meredith is reading while she walks, which I know my mom repeatedly warned me not to do because of exactly what happens: Mere smacks right into Bailey. When Bailey sees what she's reading she gets instantly suspicious but Meredith won't admit to anything and they glare at each other and walk away.

Cristina goes in to check out Carl since Teddy is in surgery and declares that it's something or other that requires him to open his chest up right away. Cristina tells April to get started on a thoracotomy while they page Teddy. April's freaked out about starting the procedure herself but she manages to pull herself together and do it.

As the alarms merrily ring accompanied by the dulcet tones of drilling, Cristina and April work on the tear in Carl's (heart/artery/something crucial like that). Cristina teaches April who is still so nervous that she doesn't realize she's really already done the procedure. Teddy comes in and asks what's up; she's incredibly confused to hear that April did most of the work. She goes to scrub in and asks Callie to leave until they are done, but Callie insists she's also saving his life too and so Teddy, unlike Owen, lets her stay and work. Teddy is still baffled and goes back to ask Cristina again why she didn't start the graft herself, but Cristina insists that April already had it.

Derek's got a probe deep in his patient's brain and has Lexie hold it and keep it really steady as he moves the girl's head into position. Lexie's really unsure about this idea but he insists that it's more dangerous to take the probe out while they move her. Unfortunately alarms start to blare and so he has to wind up taking it out; there's still tumor left, and he tells Lexie they'll just go back in and try again. As he does, there are some really delicious squelching noises accompanying his work and I might have just thrown up a teeny, tiny bit.

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