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Smells Like Team Spirit

Heart surgery over, Cristina is stapling up Carl's chest (that's also a sound I almost have to mute when they pull it out on this show) and Teddy is still confused, and asks Cristina yet again why she didn't start the procedure herself. Cristina is pretty fed up to think she's now in trouble for waiting when before she was in trouble for just doing. Teddy points out that she doesn't understand why she'd let April do something she'd love to do herself, especially since she doesn't even like her. April pipes up to heartily agree. How did April get through med school with zero self-confidence? I would have figured they would have weeded people like that out somehow. Cristina just announces that she could have done it herself but April had it. Seemingly satisfied, Teddy finally answers, "Exactly." Cristina finishes up and Callie shoos them both out so that she and April can continue fashioning Carl a hand out of hamburger.

Once they are in the scrub room, Cristina throws up her hands in frustration and cries that she is officially giving up since she has no idea what Teddy is trying to teach her. Teddy tells her to make a list, but that strange request does nothing to ease Cristina's confusion and frustration. She starts to rant but Teddy cuts her off and tells her to make a list of every amazing surgery she has ever dreamed of doing and that she'll then try to make those things happen. Cristina seems to think this is about the least funny joke she's ever heard but Teddy is serious and tells her that she finally graduated from the school of unselfish surgeoning, and this is her present. Because Teddy saw that Cristina is finally willing to work on a team and put the patient first, Cristina now gets to make a bucket list of sorts and Teddy will try to be her fairy godsurgeon and make it all come true. She leaves, and Cristina finally allows herself to smile.

Kicky music accompanies us into the mouse lab, where Bailey catches Mere looking at something under a microscope and begins to lose her shit. Mere yells back at her to hang on a second just while she looks at something, and then exclaims joyously that the cell she's looking at survived. Bailey is confused enough that she asks what Mere is talking about, so Mere explains that she went back to look at her mother's original hypothesis and realized that there was a flaw in it because in one particular way mouse cells react different than human cells and that's why the device is failing. She then adds a wee bit smugly that she marked the page for Bailey, and then leaves as Bailey glares after her. But she looks under the microscope, and lo and behold sees a happy, healthy cell. (Well, I assume. I think she saw a bunch of red and white blobby stuff through the microscope.)

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