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Three Ring Circus

Arizona and April have reached the stage of their drinking that requires them to sit on the floor and prop themselves up with the shelving but both of them happily slur about how fun it was and how much they needed an evening like this. April, emboldened by drink, then asks Arizona excitedly if she can try on her leg. After a shocked moment, Arizona begins to laugh and they both almost slide completely to the floor in giggles.

Owen is assisting Callie in screwing the aerialist's leg back together and while she works she admits that the real widow wound up donating money, but Callie realizes what she did was kind of disgusting. Owen just agrees, and while he concedes that relationship problems aren't easy, he warns her that she needs to stop telling people that Arizona is dead. My only thought is, can that widow demand her check back if and when she finds out that Arizona is very much alive? No one seems too worried about it, though. At that moment, Jackson leads a lot of visitors in tuxedos into the gallery and begins to explain what the surgeons are doing. Apparently the woman's husband gave Jackson permission to bring everyone in since his wife believes that the show must go on, which is silly and yet I find it totally endearing. Jackson gets all sappy and corny by telling everyone that he showed them the circus earlier, but this is the real show, super sincere blah blah fixing people blah, and he just asks that they consider forking over some cash before they leave. Down below, Callie and Owen nod all sagely while they work over Jackson's inspirational words, and I have to take a deep breath from the laughing I did at just how remarkably cheeseball this all is. But of course, this makes the lead donor ask, "How much do you need?" because he is just so wowed by it all. Enough so that they can miraculously raise Callie's wife from the dead, sir.

Princess finds Alex in a darkened exam room with a needle poised on his arm, and cracks meanly that she usually has good radar for this kind of shit. Of course, drugs are a joke that Alex will never take lightly, but he does finally open up to her and admit that he suspects his dad might be Jake Doe, but he can't be sure since he hasn't seen the guy in 20 years. Something about the way he called Alex "Sinatra" struck a chord, so Alex is now thinking about doing a paternity test, hence the blood draw, though he adds that he doesn't want it to be him and he thought he could go the rest of his life very happily without seeing the guy again. Princess tells him that he should do it, because surely he will then find out that it's not his dad and then Alex's angst will be gone. She then lightly chastises him for not talking to her about it in the first place, as she begins to draw the blood for him. What Princess doesn't know, however, is that they don't cast James Remar in a role if he's just going to spend the better part of the hour as an unconscious, anonymous street junkie.

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