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Three Ring Circus

Alex is standing outside Jake Doe's room when Princess walks up with the results. Alex begins to say that he doesn't want to know after all, but Princess had already built up steam and at the same time, she blurts out that Jake is actually Alex's dad. She then cries out that she jumped the gun and she's sorry, but the damage is done and Alex storms off, kicking a trash can as he goes. I think that's a record, even for this show, for how little time a couple is allowed to be happy before they have a Big Serious Misunderstanding. Mere starts her VO which this time is lifted from The Bugs Bunny Show, yet another, on-with-the-show, this-is-it-type ditty.

Leah pours April and Arizona into a taxi, and April calls shotgun since she worries she'd be sick in the back. The cabbie rolls down the window when she admits she might be sick in the front, instead of kicking her out as any real-life cabbie would do if someone admitted they were about to barf. But I'm not saying I have real-life experience with a situation like that, no siree. Leah sticks her head in the cab and seriously tells Arizona that she's about to take her exams and become a second-year resident so she wants the respect she deserves, but Arizona just tells her she's adorable, shuts the door on her gown, and they drive off as a defeated, respect-free Leah watches them go.

At the same time, an ambulance pulls up and when the Shepherds see it, the share a glance and decide not to wake the kids and instead to get in some more work. Everything goes to slo-mo as Mere walks up and greets a patient.

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