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Three Ring Circus

Owen is regaling some rich dude with a crazy trauma story and seems to be doing well with the being charming and interesting, since the guy says he's going to drop off a donation. As he turns to go part with his money, a pretty woman named Emma emerges from behind and seems quite taken with Owen. They bond over the creepiness of clowns and she has the flirting ratcheted up to 11 already. Owen seems unsure about the whole thing but when he looks over and sees Cristina grab the hand of some guy in a tuxedo, Owen takes Emma to the bar to get a drink.

Derek walks up to Mere as her conversation ends with a donor and he accuses her of being all sparkly-eyed and flirting. Oh, the competition is ON then, and Mere snarks that he should just go back to juggling. Derek, King of Charm, warns her, "You just brought a knife to a gun fight."

April goes to the supply closet for the all-important champagne-cooling blankets and finds Arizona crying there, though she tries to pretend she's also just looking for supplies. April can't help but look pitying but she is kind enough to pretend she believes Arizona, and she then grabs what she needs and leaves. Once she's gone, though, Arizona breaks down.

Stephanie and Shane are going over all of the things that are very wrong with Jake Doe including the fact that he's at risk of everyone's favorite dramatic condition - cardiac tamponade. Alex pops in to check on his patient from earlier, who has been discharged, and then nonchalantly asks after the junkies. Smash assures him that the interns have it all under control, but Stephanie is teetering on the edge of a meltdown. Smash finally points out to her that they've been preparing for this all year, and she should enjoy that now they have a night to shine and put all of their newly acquired surgical skills to use. Stephanie is not so sure about that but eventually, when Shane challenges her, she starts screaming instructions out to everyone, as leaderly as she can. The staff is all just kind of surprised so Smash yells at them too and adds, "Lock and load!" He then grins that he's finally had the chance to live out a glorious clich├ęd medical moment like he's always dreamed.

Derek decides to take the competition to a whole new level by running across the street and picking up adorable Lil' B; when Mere sees him she's appalled at his shenanigans but there's not much she can do since, as Derek points out, the baby is hungry so she has to take him and deal with that.

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