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Three Ring Circus

Cristina is teaching a master class in flirting as she holds on to her rich dude's wrist and tells him all sorts of stuff about his health by just his pulse. She then compliments his watch but as the guy starts to tell a cool story about how his father came to own it, she sees Owen and Emma and cuts him off to go get a drink. She walks right up in between the two at the bar and after Owen introduces them she shoos Emma away to go check out the magician across the room. Emma is baffled but does it, and when she goes Cristina warns Owen that Emma's shoes are clearly from an outlet and he needs to pick a richer mark like an old lady clad in Chanel and standing nearby. Let's date others, indeed. As she takes her drink back to her own Richie Rich, Emma smiles at Owen from across the room in her discount footwear.

Callie is really starting to get into her dead wife story, and is giving a tragic recounting of the fake funeral and Sofia's fake reaction to Mommy not coming home again. April is tucking the champagne in under the cooling blankets and is thoroughly disgusted when she overhears what is going on. It seems to be working for Callie, though, as someone listens to her and then decides to make a donation. However, an older woman who was listening in comes over and commiserates with Callie since she is a widow as well, who has slept with her cat on the couch for ten years since she can't bear to be in her marital bed alone. Callie seems to maybe rethink widowhood, just for a moment, at this confession. April is so grossed out that she picks up two of the bottles of champers and leaves.

Gene has summoned Bailey back to his room and she finds him with a game of chess set up and ready to go because he thinks her mind is closed off and that the game will kick-start it so that she can figure out some cure for him. He then adds that he thought she'd want to play black because, "You know…" and when Bailey insists there is nothing they can do, he brings up Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. and starts to bait Bailey by telling her, "You people are supposed to be tougher than this." It takes all of her self-control to tell him calmly that they are done, and she'll send up a counselor to talk to him. Gene finally loses his shit, guessing that she's giving up because he offends her. Bailey denies this but when she mentions his "moving on" he practically begins foaming at the mouth as he yells that he's not "moving on" or "passing away" or anything else gentle like that – he's going to die. He then yells at Bailey to get off of her ass and do something. Well, I know that racial slurs and yelling have always made me want to help someone, so this is surely a good plan on his part.

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