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Three Ring Circus

After a commercial break to add tension, Cristina finishes up while Alex stares intently at the monitor. Her stitch worked, they are awesome, and she then tells Smash, "That'll do, Sharkey. That'll do," as if he is prized, surgical, adorable talking livestock.

Jackson is doing a lot of wandering around, looking annoyed and/or confused at this party. He's puzzled by Leah stealing snacks, but doesn't stop her. Derek comes up looking for Mere and Jackson reports that she did actually go back to the hospital with the paramedics. Jackson then finds Princess and asks after Alex, but she's pissed because she has no idea where he is. She rants that Stephanie should be glad rather than mad that she wasn't invited because Princess would rather be at work blah blah blah grass is always greenercakes. Jackson is shocked to learn that Stephanie is mad, and even more shocked to hear that she bought a dress in hopes that he'd invite her to this little to-do. As has happened between couples forever, and will surely continue to be until the end of time, he's baffled because she didn't say anything, and Princess has to point out that it wouldn't have meant as much as if he had the idea on his own. This sounds ludicrous… and yet I've totally gotten annoyed at someone because of this before. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. Guys, we do occasionally wish you were mind readers. Also: if there is a black-tie event, assume that your lady wants to be invited. That's generally going to be a sound assumption. And if not, you still look great for asking and she'll correct you. The party has sort of imploded ever since the accident and Jackson is despairing as the attendees continue to leave in droves, but then he remembers that his hospital is right down the street and this gives him an idea.

Despite having said she was done working with him, when Gene calls for Bailey she shuffles over to his doorway to ask what's up. Gene finally softens a little and after mentioning that his buddies stopped inviting him to play chess at the park because he was an asshole, tells Bailey that he said a lot of what he did just to get a rise out of her. He then admits that he's scared and alone, as all good television curmudgeons are wont to do before an hour episode is over. Bailey just shakes her head like she can't handle any more of this patient nonsense.

Derek finds Mere happily slicing up Tweety in the OR, but she calls to him that he's better at charming donors so she's happy to let him have that job and she'll do this instead. Derek reminds her that they had a deal that both of them wouldn't work, so Mere just invites him to come down and hold the retractor for her. Instead of acting indignant, Derek giddily tells her he's going to go change. They really are two junkies who have been jonesing for a hit.

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