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Alex and Lucy are in the elevator trying very hard not to look at each other but each are stealing glances. When the rest of the occupants file off and they're left alone together, Alex finally mumbles an apology about her patient. She thanks him and admits she's happy for his. The doors then open and, still with minimal eye contact, Alex starts to ask her out but before he can get out the entire question she turns him down and he quickly agrees. They then run in opposite directions as if they can't get away from their possible attraction fast enough.

Arizona and Mark are cooking up a storm when Callie gets home, defiantly holding a cup of coffee. Now, if she really is just sticking to one cup a day, that cup in her hand has to be seriously by now since she got it at the beginning of her presumably hours-long surgery. At least I assume that popping two hips back into place and pinning a man's bones back together would take a little while. She's skeptical when she hears they cooked for her and her facial expression doesn't change much when she hears that they made chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli when what she was craving was a peanut butter sandwich. Arizona then sees the cup and asks her if it's coffee. Callie confirms it, and then lays down some new rules. She's implementing a new voting system that gives the baby a vote, but as Callie is the human incubator for the baby she'll be speaking on his or her behalf. As she's then going to be putting her body through the wringer to get said baby out, she's awarding herself an extra "vagina vote." She, the baby, and her va-jay-jay think that a single cup of coffee a day is fine until she begins breastfeeding, based on the studies she's read. Neither Arizona nor especially Mark want to argue with the vagina vote, and Callie sits back on the couch, immensely satisfied with herself and her ladyparts. She then adds that they all vote Mark give her a foot rub, and he shuffles off to his place to get the lotion. Arizona decides that compromise can work for her too, and agrees to give Callie a sandwich if she eats the broccoli. It's a deal, and Callie sits back and treasures another sip of her old, stale coffee.

When Meredith arrives home she tells a delighted Derek that she decided to stay on his trial. He's got a computer open and has been looking at her data, which apparently shows that the trial is not not working. That's a good thing and they celebrate by deciding to do some quick baby-making before the roommates get home. As they canoodle, Meredith's VO wraps us up by musing that no matter how high the stakes, you have to eventually follow your gut. But the good thing is, that could very well take you right where they you meant to be. It's cheesy, sure, but it's a lesson I've been learning in my own life so I'll indulge myself a mushy moment and heartily agree with her while we fade to credits.

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