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In the locker room Meredith is lamenting her situation but Cristina warns her that if she continues to whine about how she can't decide between groundbreaking clinical trials, she will punch her friend in the face. Fair enough, honestly. Lexie spouts facts about both diseases and obviously, both are totally worthy studies in which to participate. They are interrupted by Bailey, who comes in to ask the Greys how long their father has been having abdominal pain. She's met with confusion because neither daughter knew their father was having pain, much less that he had been admitted to the hospital that day, though Mere seems less surprised about the news than Lexie. They all assume his body is rejecting the liver and Mere allows herself one indulgent moment to comment that of course he's rejecting it because it's hers. All that comment does is remind me how much I like this new, more mature Meredith and don't miss the old dark and twisty one at all. Bailey tells Lexie to try and get more info and a blood sample out of him, since he hasn't given her much to work with, and they all head out. Cristina is left there alone and Owen comes in with a cup of joe for her. This is a very coffee-centric episode. She gripes about how Meredith has two potential trials while she has none. Owen tries to tell her she has a husband who loves her, but Cristina glumly says that Mere has that too. Owen declares that she's then just screwed, and they kiss and cuddle like the cute couple they are. Aw. Happy Valentine's Day, all. Also: That's all of the cute Owen/Cristina for this week as I think we don't see them in the same room again this episode.

Lucy is doing paperwork outside of the NICU when Alex saunters in, and, having never seen her before; he assumes she's new nurse prey for him to stalk. She picks right up on his game, though, and refuses to give him her name. He finally gives up and asks for a chart adding, "I hear there's a turnip in the cabbage patch." Oh Alex, really? He has a remarkable ability to always be so... ALEX just when we're in danger of mistaking him for a fully functional, feeling human being. She's disgusted and he explains unnecessarily that there's an infant who in brain dead, and that he and Arizona have a patient who needs a heart transplant. He somehow fails to see how angry she is as she finally introduces herself to him, tells him she'll be the one to talk to the transplant coordinator, and sends him away. When he tells her he thinks she's overreacting, she proceeds to bar him from the NICU. He laughs that she can't do that, but there's a tinge of uncertainty in his voice, and when she challenges him he pouts and leaves. So there's your meet-cute, right there.

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