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Callie and her caffeine withdrawal are working with Owen and the always-chirpy April on a patient who brilliantly built a human slingshot with his buddy and then flung himself into a wall. They thought they were making a genius artistic statement to be shared as video on the internet, but the slingshot was supposed to propel the patient, Randy, over a house and into a pool rather than straight into the wall. Owen makes no secret of the fact that he thinks they're utter morons, especially as Randy's buddy Marcus is continuing to film him from the hallway. Callie informs him that he dislocated both of his hips and April runs out of the room to order his x-rays.

Lexie has gone in to see her dad and seems to think the best thing for her to do is to lecture him for not calling. He tries to calm her down as she babbles; she says she's calm but really her demeanor is more "psychotic mania" than anything else. He then starts talking about how you strike up conversations with people in AA, and anyone who's watched TV before can guess he's talking about having met an actual woman, but Lexie's too busy talking at him to get it. Well, that is until Babe from All My Children walks in, covered in tattoos, and kisses Thatcher because she also doesn't realize that he's sending her signals to hold off. Poor Thatcher is so bland that no one can pick up on anything he tries to convey, it seems. Lexie gives them both a confused glare as we go to commercial.

Lexie manages to handle the awkward meeting with as little grace as humanly possible. When Babe -- whose GA name is Dani -- apologizes that this isn't how she wanted to meet Lexie, Lex just brats that she didn't know she even had anyone to meet. Bailey walks in and is introduced to Dani; she realizes immediately that she just walked into a very uncomfortable situation and promises to let them get back to "all this" shortly. Dani, who seems to have more tattoos than she's had years on this earth, actually seems really on top of things and is able to answer Bailey's questions as best she can while Lexie continues to embarrass herself by acting like a brat. Because Dani is only human she's clearly totally uncomfortable as Lexie continues her attack but finally, when she starts to give some details about pain Thatcher had during sex the week before, Lexie shudders and runs out of the room.

Mark has Avery on his service for the first time, and he's fully aware and excited that they are going to wow all of their patients with a double-dose of Pretty. But when Avery finds out about this, he stops and tells Mark he's not comfortable being judged for his looks. You know, except for that one time he hoped maybe it would help him get ahead in his job. Mark thinks this is a crock of shit and tells him, "Oh! Poor Mr. Green Eyes! Let's not pretend being beautiful is a burden." He asks Mr. Green Eyes to show him some sparkle and so Avery puts on a dreamy smile, which he drops, miffed, as soon as Mark has walked into the patient's room. Excuse me a moment while I daydream about having two doctors that good-looking in my hospital room at the same time.

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