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April and Callie are looking at Randy's x-rays -- showing two dislocated hips and a wealth of broken bones -- and poor April's chipper voice is too much for the caffeine-deprived Callie to handle. First she informs April that she needs to speak differently, which is both funny and kind of mean because April has no idea how she would go about talking differently or why Callie might feel it's appropriate to tell her so. Callie seems to realize that it might be better just to send her away, so she orders April to go get her a sugary muffin and a coffee from the cafeteria. However, she thinks about it, calls April back, and then has a fight out loud with herself which results in her denying herself the coffee, though she's not happy with herself about it.

Lexie is fighting with an uninterested lab tech to try and get her father's test results, but since she's not actually the doctor on the case, he won't give them up. Despite her best empty threats, he doesn't give a hoot, and Mark walks down the hall in time to witness Lexie's ensuing tantrum. He asks her sincerely if she wants to talk but she informs him that her day is too messed up to have him in it too. She turns on her heel and stomps off, leaving him visibly stung.

Also stung is Alex, when he sees Cristina, Teddy, Arizona and Lucy talking to a pregnant couple and he realizes he purposefully wasn't called in for the consultation. Not one to take a hint he doesn't like, he walks in the room as they are explaining to the couple that they have a heart available for their baby. The catch here is that the baby has yet to be born, and they would have to do a c-section that afternoon. The parents are understandably freaked out but Alex pipes up (he seems to know them already) and tells them that time is an issue so that they can insure they get the heart that's available. Arizona realizes that she's about to have a scene on her hands and tells the couple they'll give them some time to decide, and the doctors file out.

In the hall, Alex asks Arizona what's up but she can only ask him, "Turnip, Karev?" He's pissed that Lucy tattled but not that he said it, and when she informs him he's off the case he tries to point out that he's said way worse things than that in the past. Arizona tells him in a warning tone that this isn't helping and then the ladies march off, leaving him still off the case.

Okay, even the eye candy of Mark and Jackson working together can't make up for the fact that they are forcibly sawing into a woman's nose, and I had to take a moment to swallow the rising bile in my throat as I watched. I think it's the loud sawing sounds accompanying the visuals that really turned my stomach. Mark tries to act casual as he asks how Lexie is doing, and Jackson is concentrating so hard on his work that he really thinks this is just small talk. Mark's surprised when Jackson says that Lexie seems fine, and appalled when he hears that she's been crying and that Jackson thinks that's fine. Jackson shrugs, "She's a girl. Girls cry." While I don't speak for all girls I have to say at least in my case... yes. When Jackson tells him he doesn't know why and that it's none of his business, Mark decides to take him off the surgery for the far more important task of finding out what's wrong with his ex-girlfriend. As if this isn't galling enough for Jackson, Mark orders him to use his "sparkle" to help get the info. Mark bribes him with the promise of taking lead on a nose job that afternoon, and so Jackson reluctantly agrees to try.

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