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Alex is pacing like a hungry tiger outside of labor and delivery when Arizona and Teddy walk out wheeling an incubator holding the new baby. He's worried to hear that she deteriorated fast upon her arrival into the world and suggests all sorts of next steps, but Arizona has already taken care of everything. She finally tells him firmly that they've got this one and when he claims this is his patient, she tells him that it's not anymore. He's left behind as they head down the hall, staring at the door like a man gazing over a fence at the forbidden cabbage patch.

Jackson finds Mark scrubbing in and as he starts to wash his hands he relays the info about Thatcher being there with his new young lovah. Mark agrees that that would be upsetting, especially since Meredith is no help when it comes to Thatcher. That's kind of true, but also feels like a bit of an undeserved knock as Meredith's relationship is super different with him. Regardless, he just wants the best for Lexie and stares at Jackson, who realizes he's not going to be operating on anyone just yet. He protests but Mark is adamant that Lexie needs someone to talk to and advises Jackson to give her some peanut butter cups, which will get her talking. Jackson thinks this is ridiculous but Mark just revises his bribe to be pro-bono cleft palate surgeries the next day, which might be great for Jackson in the race for Chief Resident. Jackson picks up on his use of "might" and Mark tells him that if he gets results, they will talk.

Meanwhile, Lexie tries not to barf as she and the girls watch Thatcher and Dani make out from the hall, and whines to Meredith to make it stop. Cristina guesses that Dani is probably not as young as first thought but is probably around 27; unfortunately, this is the same age as Lexie so not really a consolation at all. Cristina gets a page and heads off to her tiny heart transplant and Meredith steels herself to go inside, but when Lexie claims she's not going Mere tells her she won't either, then. Their bickering is broken up when he yells out in pain, and both rush in to help. Dani is freaked out and flutters around the bed trying to calm him and to tell the girls that this is what happened before. Lexie is having none of it and keeps yelling at her to get out of the way as she tries to get Thatcher to tell her himself what is wrong. Her spitefulness is really reaching new heights since it's obvious Thatcher can't speak, and Dani tries to point this out to her. Finally, Lexie turns and roars at Dani to, "Back the hell up RIGHT NOW." Mere is on the phone paging Bailey and the look on her face says that even she thinks Lexie has gone way past unreasonable and is now being offensively rude.

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