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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

When we come back, Joe is awake and complaining that he doesn't need to go to the hospital and get any tests done. Mere insists he needs to go. As they check Joe's vitals, Mere expresses her surprise that Cristina was sleeping with someone and didn't tell her. George stands around and talks to no one in particular about his syphilis. Poor George. Joe wrenches himself out of the doctors' grasp and says he can walk his own damn self to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Mere asks Cristina what she's going to do. Cristina says she's not switching to the vagina squad or spending her life popping zits -- she's too talented. "Surgery is my life." Cristina will not reveal who she's been sleeping with, despite Meredith's pleas. Mere says she can't just bring something like this up and expect her to drop it. Cristina: " Watch me." She walks off. Ooh, pregnancy really...makes Cristina act exactly the same, doesn't it?

Izzie asks Mere what she's doing back at the hospital, and why she's not on a date with McDreamy. George pipes up delightedly, "More like McMarried!" Izzie can't believe it. Mere says she came to check on Joe. Everyone is wondering if he's going to be okay when McDreamy appears on the scene. Mere rolls her eyes as McDreamy explains that Joe has cranial bleeding and an aneurysm the size of a golf ball. He wants to do something called a "standstill operation," which causes Cristina to nearly orgasm, so it must be pretty cool. McDreamy tries to hand Meredith the chart, but Mere says she's drunk and walks off. McDreamy follows, and is totally cock-blocked by Cristina and Izzie, then George. Izzie whispers, "Bastard." Hee. When Cristina goes to look at Joe's chart, Izzie and George ask her what the hell she's doing. Cristina says she's really on Mere's side, but they're talking about a standstill operation here, so they need to recognize.

McDreamy chases after Meredith as she tries to make a quick exit. He wants to talk, but Mere yells at him to go away and quit following her. McDreamy says he just wants to explain. Mere says that he should have explained the first night in the bar, before any of the rest of it. I am going to have to agree. McDreamy says he understands how she feels, but Mere disagrees. She yells and yells and yells some more, then stomps off into the rain. George appears out of nowhere with an umbrella, and demands the keys to her car.

McDreamy walks in to check on Chief Webber, and finds Addison sitting on his bed and giggling about some story he's telling. McDreamy clears his throat, and Addison hauls ass. McDreamy asks the Chief what she's doing here. Webber: "You and I both know she's the best in the field. Bringing Addie out was a business decision, nothing personal." McDreamy's all, "Oh, well, that's a relief. Not personal. It's personal to me." Webber tells him he doesn't need to be including his private life in hospital business, then he adds insult to injury by saying Burke will be acting as chief of surgery while he's recuperating. McDreamy gets all offended, but Webber makes it worse by asking how long he's been sleeping with an intern. Then he's all, "Close the door on your way out." Damn.

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