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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Shots of the city. Rock music. Meredith tosses around in her bed. Okay!

Burke finds Cristina lovingly examining some surgical equipment in the OR. She jumps, and says she'll have everything back where it's supposed to be when she's done. Burke takes this opportunity to ask her to go to dinner. Cristina says she needs some time to think, and he interrupted her alone time. Burke says he gets it, and leaves sadly.

George and Izzie are in the locker room getting dressed, and George explains how Alex just pushed him too far this time. Izzie offers to take care of Alex for him, if he pisses him off again, and George's manhood is threatened. He's all, "No way, man, I'm handling it." Uh huh. Bailey walks in and hands out assignments. She tells Meredith that she must be very popular, because there was a special request just for her.

Burke is walking with Webber's secretary, while she rattles off the huge list of things Webber gets done -- before lunch. Burke says confidently that he can do it all, no problem. Webber's secretary walks off laughing to herself, "Virgins." Indeed. McDreamy walks over and fake-congratulates Burke. Burke: "Don't sweat it, Shepherd, I'll only be your boss for a few days." McDreamy reminds Burke that he was the one who operated on Webber, and Burke says, "Yeah, then he chose me to replace him while recruiting your wife." McDreamy: "Clearly, he has brain damage." Heh. Burke asks McDreamy to clear up the status of his relationship with Addison, and he says they're separated. And speak of the devil, Addison shows up at just that second. She apologizes to Burke for interrupting. Burke: "You're never interrupting." McDreamy: "She's always interrupting." Addison ignores this, and asks Burke if he'd secured the intern she'd requested. It's Mere's turn to show up, and she responds, "He did." Everyone does a double-take except Addison, who's grinning like the cat who ate the canary. Mere tries to look badass, but fails sort of miserably. Commercials.

We return to Addison quizzing Mere on their patient: "Define T.T.T.S.?" Mere says it's twin-twin transfusion syndrome, which is conjoined fetal twins connected by blood vessels in the placenta. Addison: "Meaning?" Mere doesn't know. Addison says it means that one twin gets too much blood, and the other too little, endangering the lives of both. She adds, "I'd expect you to know that, Grey." Oops. The mother of the twins says she thought there wasn't much chance that anything could be done. Addison assures her that she's one of a handful of surgeons in the world who can separate fetal blood vessels, and they'll do surgery tomorrow. She tells the patient to ask Dr. Grey if she has any questions, as she's one of the hospital's most popular interns. Whoa. She also tells Mere out in the hall that she's actually this tough on all her interns, not just the ones who are sleeping with her husband. The mother of the twins overhears this, and rubs her belly in concern.

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