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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Cut to Mere waiting for Cristina to exit the elevator, arms crossed. Uh-oh. She lights into Cristina: "After all this time, and all your warnings about me sleeping with MY boss? And you're doing the same thing?" Cristina says it's not the same thing -- she and McDreamy are in a relationship. Mere: "And you and Burke are in...?" Cristina says they're in Switzerland -- it's very neutral there, and they make very nice watches. Hee. Mere asks if she's going to tell Burke about the baby. Cristina says there are some things she likes to keep to herself, and not discuss to death. Mere is upset that Cristina even confided in her at all, if she weren't going to tell her the juiciest part. Because pregnant ladies are weird, Mere, and that's all there is to it.

Speaking of weird pregnant ladies, T.T.T.S. Woman is still on Mere's ass about McDreamy. She says when she found out about her husband's little friend, she called her up and took her out to lunch. "I really just wanted to put a face on the bitch that got my husband to throw away fifteen years of marriage." Wow, somebody has issues. Mere can't be concerned about that right now, because she's found something crazy on the ultrasound. Like, perhaps, the undigested remains of her husband's mistress.

Burke leans hotly over the reception desk and asks Bailey if she knows who "McDreamy" is. Bailey looks over at Addison and McDreamy talking, and says, "Me. I'm Dr. McDreamy. I'm tall, and handsome, and I like to lean against things, and ponder the difficulties of dating beautiful women. I'm trying to be a surgeon here!" Meanwhile, McDreamy tells Addison she has a lot of nerve requesting Meredith. Addison says she came highly recommended, so she doesn't know what he's crying about. Just then, Mere comes over to tell Addison there's something she should see on the ultrasound. Addison gives McDreamy a look all, "Okay, then!" and he tries to talk to Meredith after she leaves. Mere: "DON'T." She leaves too. Burke and George look on with interest, and McDreamy takes off the other way.

George reports once again to Webber that there's nothing to report. He says he should go, then remembers that there is one thing. "It's about Joe, the Bartender? Our standstill patient."

Back to T.T.T.S. Woman's room, where Addison is explaining that they've found what looks like beginning heart failure in the twins. They're going to go ahead with surgery right now. The mom asks if her babies are going to be okay, and Addison tells Mere to hurry and prep the OR.

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