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Richard helps Mark lower the bed down, and Mark pleads with him not to tell Callie or Derek what's going on since they are about to do the nerve graft and he doesn't want them to worry. Richard points out that they'd surely postpone but Mark is adamant that he doesn't want to postpone Derek's finally getting back up to 100%. He gets a little bit dreamy as he says that no one has better hands than Derek except maybe Callie, and Sofia inherited those beautiful hands. He thinks that Callie doesn't realize how good she has it, and he wishes that she could see herself the way he does. He then sadly asks Richard if this is just the surge talking, but Richard assures him that this is all Mark, and he can keep talking because Richard isn't going anywhere. It's true -- the epiphanies and reflections aren't wrong, they just happen to also be a sign of impending tragedy. Though I wouldn't have used the words that Callie "doesn't realize how good she has it." I think Callie is actually having one of the worst times of anybody since she's dealing with potentially losing the two people closest to her and having to keep up a good face for everyone while she struggles.


A battered, filthy Arizona slides into the scanner so that the docs in Boise can get a look at the damage to her leg and what they find is super bad, and not in an awesome '70s way. The doc there goes over the scan with Owen and because of the extent of the damage and infection, her official recommendation is to amputate. At that, the curtain near them is ripped back and Arizona, having heard everything, demands to see her scans. They must not be able to afford magical sound-blocking curtains in Boise like they have in Seattle. Sucks for them! After looking at them, Arizona announces that she's withholding any consent and gives no permission to anyone to touch her leg, "...certainly not some yahoo in Dumptruck, Idaho." This poor doctor is not going to be sad to see any of these patients leave, between all of the physical and emotional beatings. Arizona begs Owen to take her back home to Callie, since she'll know what to do and/or Arizona can more easily bully her into doing what Arizona wants. Fine, that last part is maybe a little bit of editorializing.

Back in Seattle, Callie is adjusting the giant contraption that is screwed into Arizona's leg and when Arizona asks about the infection, Callie tells her not to worry about it right now and just to focus on feeling good. So the infection is still really bad, then. Alex appears at the doorway, head a little low, and he apologizes for not having come to see her earlier. He reports on Chunky Stu's successful intestine transplant and says that he knows Arizona likes to bring kids their favorite food once they can eat solids, so he wants to pass on that Stuart's favorite is Hawaiian pizza. He's trying really hard and Arizona thanks him quietly. Callie sits near the bed, still facing Arizona so she can see her reaction when Alex then apologizes for everything, saying he feels horrible and wishes he could trade places with her. Arizona tells him that she would let him, and Callie chuckles.

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