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Avery must have decided to take the five-mile route to get Sofia from the daycare because in the time that he was gone Richard was able to have a heart-to-heart with Mark and then take care of all of his paperwork. Avery walks up with her just as the shit hits the fan and immediately covers her eyes, but she starts to cry since it's a tense and chaotic scene. He hands her off to a nurse and runs in to help. Mere admits that horrible things happen in Seattle and Cristina was right to go.

As this is happening, Alex is in the OR and he makes the first cut in the operation to remove Arizona's leg. The biggest shock about this is that we know from last episode that Arizona thinks Callie is the one who cut it off, and she's aiming all of her rage squarely at her wife as a result. But Callie is actually covering for Alex; it is yet another pressure for her to deal with on top of everything while for Alex it's yet another layer of guilt for him to try and cope with. Or, you know, to unsuccessfully try to ignore by having as much sex with various interns as possible.

As Mere continues her voicemail we see a forlorn April sitting on a plane while at the same time, Avery runs into Joe's and looks around for her.

As the sun comes up, Derek wakes up in his hospital room and sees the massive bandage on his arm that signifies a possible return to his work. Mere wakes up at home, groggy and blinking like she did in the light of the helicopter, but this time she turns and sees Zola next to her, giggling and generally being adorable. She continues that she knows Seattle has hurt her in ways she might never get over, but it's also where she fell in love, found her family, met Cristina, and learned how to be a doctor.

Back at the hospital, Mark is now on life support, never to awake. Avery is in the room like we saw last week, going over patients with him as if Mark was still there to give him advice. Callie is in Arizona's room, and she looks emotionally destroyed as she waits for her wife to wake so she can tell her about her leg.

In Minnesota, Cristina listens to Mere's message. Mere concludes that she thinks Seattle has given her as much as it has taken, and she thinks she's done as much living as surviving. It's all depends on how you look at it, and she's going to choose the good. After Cristina hangs up the phone she thinks a second and then calls Mere back and says, "You are my person. You will always be my person." Phew.

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