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Avery comes in to check out the frostbitten toes of the patient in the room and Mere asks him about Mark -- Avery has talked to him about tons of things but work is not one of them because he thinks Mark doesn't need that kind of pressure right now. Meredith is horrified because she can't keep denying the gravity of the situation if Avery and Alex are worried enough about their respective mentors that they don't want to discuss their patients. She insists that everyone is going to be fine and Arizona is not going to lose her leg. Avery gives her a sad smile in reply, like he's humoring a child. Mere repeats again that they will all be fine as she tilts her head to look at the patient, who is none other than Cristina. She's still staring blankly and not speaking, and Alex thinks it might be time to admit that there's something wrong. Mere insists that Cristina gets however long she needs to recover while April uses the quiet moment to take some cheap shots at her former tormentor. She then implores Cristina to take this chance to come back at her, but Cristina just shifts her empty gaze from the group of them to the ceiling.

Later, maintenance crews are removing a smashed window from Cristina's room while Owen and Cristina's doctor scream at each other in the hallway. There's still no reaction from the patient as her doc yells that there is nothing physically wrong with her, and she belongs in psych if she's only going to swing back and forth between violent and uncommunicative. Owen yells back that he's the Chief of Surgery and her husband, so the doc can't tell him what to do. I have to agree with the doc when he points out that this is precisely why Owen shouldn't be the one to make the decision. After they storm off in different directions, taking their toys and going home, Mere goes in and orders Cristina to get up. Cristina finally focuses her eyes on Mere but doesn't say anything despite Meredith's warning that they are going to send her to psych and pump her full of antipsychotic drugs that will leave her a shadow of herself. She resorts to outright begging, but gets no reaction as we fade to the title card, now back in white again. I guess the black was just used especially for death last week.


Derek's first puzzle piece puts him facedown in the dirt and leaves, unconscious, as the helicopter shines a light down on him. His main memory is of having to shatter his own hand with a rock. He realizes he is in an unfamiliar OR and can see the rather distressing x-ray of his hand; when he hears them discussing if it is salvageable he tries to mumble that he's a surgeon but they can't understand him. A doc assures him that they are going to take good care of him and then he's out again.

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