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After he tells the story to Mark, Mark assures him it's not his fault she couldn't do the surgery but Derek is pissed because of course, he could have pulled it off without a hitch if he has both his mitts in working order. When Derek starts to despair about never operating again Mark reminds him that he's the original Champion of Hopeless Cases and it gives Derek something to think about. Mark assures him that he'll get back to 100%.

Some time after that -- they are decidedly vague about how much time has actually passed from vignette to vignette -- Callie examines his hand and is happy with his progress. As he puts his brace back on they talk about his upcoming surgery and he asks Callie her opinion. She is a little bit too over-the-top as she assures Derek that Schacter is "the best" so Derek realizes she might have a different idea for surgery. After pushing her she suggests that he could have a nerve graft, which would be a riskier procedure but, if successful, could get him back to full strength. Derek points out that they risk leaving him with even less mobility, and Callie immediately backs down and tells him he's right, and that's surely why Dr. "The Best" Schacter didn't suggest it. She's floored when Derek replies that he wants Callie to try it. She tells him no and then when she realizes how serious he is, tells him absolutely, without a trace of hesitation, that she refuses.

So there's no surprise when the next shot is of Callie sitting over Derek in the OR, picking up a gorgeous little nerve to relocate into his open arm. Just as she's about to get to the realllly tricky part, though, Alex bursts in and yells that there's a problem with Arizona.


Watch yourself as you fit Cristina's puzzle pieces together. Occasionally, they grow teeth and suddenly try to rip off your finger. When the helicopter found them, Cristina was the only one who was actually up and as the spotlight searched the wreckage, she crawled over things until she made it to the light and she screamed her heart out at the rescuers above. When they try to wheel her into the hospital, though, she thrashes violently and claws at the doctors; They finally set about restraining her since she seems to have the strength of three people in her crazed state.

The doctor who got clawed in the cheek tells Owen that Cristina is suffering from a vicious cocktail of exhaustion, dehydration and exposure which seem to have caused reactive psychosis. She's totally unresponsive until anyone tries to examine her when she becomes violent. When Owen reaches the doorway and sees that she is actually bound by restraints he immediately runs in and unhooks one of her arms against the doctor's warnings. Richard is there too and he tells her that it's all right as Cristina tries to attack Owen but he manages to get his arms around and holds her tight while her attack dies down, assuring her that he's going to help her.

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