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Into the Wild

The next thing we see is Cristina decidedly getting out... of Seattle. She walks out of the firehouse with a box of stuff that she dumps in her product placed Ford. Meredith trails after her and asks if she knows what she is doing and after intentionally missing the point Cristina tells her she doesn't want to have the conversation again which she just had with Owen. Meredith suggests she is running away and Cristina replies that DUH, she is TOTALLY running away and the only real question is why Meredith isn't doing the same since so many completely awful things have happened to her and her loved ones in Seattle. It's an incredibly valid question.

When Meredith says that they should stick together Cristina points out that they have, and that they've grown like old, gnarled trees intertwined with each other -- her tone of voice indicates that she thinks this is a bad codependent thing and not a good, lifelong friendship thing. Cristina yells at Mere that she shouldn't be okay with everything that has happened and she should start fresh in Boston but Meredith stands firm and tells Cristina that her life is still in Seattle. I don't think Mere is wrong but she's also still obviously not doing well since she's holding on to, "I'm fine, we'll all be fine" by her fingernails so hard they are starting to bleed. And then Mere says something that finally explains the weird show timeline, once and for all: she tells Cristina that she sounds like the same loner that rode in on a motorcycle five years ago and it's like those past years never happened. So, that means that it is 2010 in Seattle right now. It makes sense, given where they are in their careers, but it had felt like somehow the show had just sort of skipped everything back up to basically current day. I am relieved to find this out, once and for all. Back to the story, Cristina emotionally slaps Mere across the face by admitting part of her wishes those five years hadn't happened. Mere gets rightfully offended and tells her just to go then, and not look back. Cristina calls her name but Mere is having none of it and tells Cristina that neither she nor Owen is her person since obviously Cristina's person is herself and always has been. She walks away while Cristina just jumps in her car and takes off for Mayo and neither of them looks back.


The first we see of Mark is the rescuers looking at the makeshift bandages on his chest, wondering what the others did to him out in the forest as if they just carved him up to pass the time. There's a quick flash to Lexie's death and then Mark opens his eyes a sliver, now on the plane back to Seattle. He sees the body bag on the gurney next to him and proceeds to try to die again. Even once he is back in the hospital, they still have to shock him at least once to get his heart beating.

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