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And he was right to have that doubt; when going over some patients with Mark he tells him about a breast augmentation coming up and Mark's response is to ask if Avery told the patient that she is beautiful just the way she is. Avery finds this a little weird but as Mark looks over the chart he says that if he says that, and if she believes him, they have just saved her a ton of money. He coaches Avery that this is how he should talk to a woman and that they are in the business of making people feel better. Avery replies that when Mark says things like this, Avery suddenly feels like a male prostitute and it's obvious that half of the reason for that is because it's coming from Mark and is so unlike him. I think Avery is also trying not to focus on the fact that this sounds pretty surge-like. Mark begins to preach that what really matters in life is if someone else feels better or worse for meeting you. The look on Avery's face says that he now knows for sure this is the surge. Mark goes on to tell Avery passionately that if he loves someone, he should tell them no matter how scary it is or however much it might cause problems. Then, to make sure he ticks every box on the surge checklist, he asks to see Sofia. Avery points out that he can't bring a child to the ICU but Mark tells him to sneak her in, or he'll try to get up and see her himself. Avery runs off to try and as soon as he leaves, Mark settles back into the pillows and struggles to get a deep breath. Richard sees him from the doorway and Mark asks somberly if this is what he thinks it is. Richard gently tells him there's no way to know, and they'll take things as they come.

As Avery is waiting for the elevator -- smashing the buttons and begging it to arrive faster -- April unwittingly chooses the worst time in the world to ask him if he has a moment to talk before she leaves. What he doesn't realize at first is that she's leaving for good since her contract is up, and she only stayed a few extra days to make sure Mark was okay. Now that he is, she's hopping a plane back to the farm. Avery wants to talk to her but knows that getting Sofia could be a matter of actual life and death so he begs her to wait for him at Joe's so that he can get the baby first and then they can talk. She smiles and nods, and Avery is too panicked to realize that she's totally not going to do it. I also don't think she ever picked up on the general air of terror radiating off of him and just thought she was getting blown off.

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