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"If you're a normal person, one of the few things you can count on in life is death." We're straight into things with the voiceover this week, no previously ons. Derek's awakened by a ringing phone. Mere's wide awake reading one of her mother's newfound journals, and Cristina's the one calling since it seems she's also reading some. Cristina loves it that they're all about medicine, and hardly ever mention feelings or, for that matter, Meredith. "But, if you're a surgeon, even that comfort is taken away from you." I get that the point here is that Meredith is annoying but seriously, what person doesn't just go have a conversation in a different room from the one where their significant other is sleeping? But Mere just gleefully exchanges medical tidbits with Cristina, not caring when Derek pulls his pillow over his head. One might also argue that Derek could just ask her to leave instead of dramatically flailing around with the pillow.

Izzie and Alex are being an actual, supposedly functional couple, spooning in bed while they sleep and Meredith VO's, "Surgeons cheat death. We prolong it; we deny it."

A patient is brought into the ER, where Dr. Major Hot... I mean Hunt, yells a lot and shocks his chest to keep him alive. Mere's VO explains, "We stand and defiantly give death the finger."

Mere and Derek get to work, and Cristina grabs Meredith to yell at her that she's late for skills lab. Derek greets her, "It feels like minutes." Dude, Cristina doesn't care. She just pulls Mere away as Bailey walks up talking on her cell phone. It sounds like she and Tucker have actually been attending marriage counseling, but she tells him she can't do it in the mornings any more since she's now late for work. Aw, yay! May the previously most functional marriage on this show be salvaged. Derek asks how counseling is going, and Bailey points out that they just had an argument about the counseling, so what does he think? Ever the gentleman, he yawns and she yells at him since he's operating on her patient later. He explains that Mere kept him up, quickly explaining that it was by talking on the phone with Cristina. Bailey asks him about his, "Either Cristina goes or I go," mindset, but he's at least smart enough to know he most likely would not win that ultimatum. Bailey reminds him that the girls come as a set. He just changes the subject to tell her that counseling is good -- he and Addison went to counseling. She yells after him as he walks off: "Right before you got divorced?!"

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