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Of course, though she wants off the case, Iz approaches Mike's room while whispering pleas for Hahn not to be in the room. I guess she wanted to try and get off the case through telepathy. Hahn sees her and strolls out looking meaner than ever. Izzie rather humbly apologizes and asks to be let off of Hahn's service, but she has other things in mind. She's going to try and convince Mike to do the procedure again and if he does she's going to make Izzie help him through it, through the pain she herself caused. "And if he dies, I want you there for that too, because you're responsible." Mike's wife comes out of the room and tells them tearfully that Mike has decided (for the millionth time this hour) to not go through with it. She then leaves to check him out, and Izzie enters the room despite Hahn's warning tone. Mike gasps that his wife will be okay, and that this has been coming for a long time and she'll move on. It's said much more haltingly and sounds a lot less harsh than the words read on paper/screen. Izzie dramatically tells Mike that his wife won't get over him, and that even when she thinks she has he'll suddenly appear and seem as real as day. I think if you don't nearly kill someone for selfish reasons, you might not then see your loved one coming back to judge you all the time, but I could be wrong as I haven't cut any LVAD wires in my time. She adds that it will all become real for his wife all over again and she won't be able to move on. Oh, if only Izzie would move on, already. In so many different ways. Actually no, just in one way... out of Seattle.

Bailey runs in to Mrs. Bullard's room where alarms are beeping, quietly but insistently. Mr. B demands to know why someone isn't helping her and Bailey gently explains that they are keeping her comfortable, which is all they can do given the DNR order. She reminds him that they wanted to extreme measures when Mrs. B's time came. "Her time is here." Derek runs in and Bailey explains what's going on. Firmly but sadly Derek reminds Mr. B that this is what he warned could happen. Even if they did resuscitate her she could never wake up. He says quietly that there's nothing more he can do, and Bailey's lip trembles as Mr. B stares at them blankly. After a moment he turns back to her bedside and begins to call in a small voice, "Rosie!" Bailey drops her head, barely able to take it as Mr. B continues to call her name. Once his wife begins to flatlines, he begins to cry, and after a moment starts to pump her chest with his hands, begging her to stay with him, voice trembling. It's absolutely horrible. And while Bailey usually seems to be able to handle situation, she looks like it might do her in to witness this scene.

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