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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

After a commercial break to give all the viewers a chance to grab a box of Kleenex, Mr. Bullard continues to pump his wife's chest. As he keeps her heart beating he repeats over and over, "Stay with me Rosie, don't leave me." Yes, take a moment to grab one of those tissues. He's pleading with her in the saddest, most despondent small voice. Bailey approaches to calm him but Mr. Bullard begs her to do something for his wife. Bailey apologizes that she can't, and Mr. B yells at her and keeps pumping harder and harder. When Bailey tries to take his hands he yells at her, and Derek pulls her away. The beeping of the machine now matches his movements completely, showing that he's the only reason her heart is still beating.

Hahn, Izzie and Bailey are back in the OR with Mike, who has decided to try the procedure again. He tells Hahn to thank Izzie, adding the unfortunately spot-on joke, "It's her fault we're here, right?" He's punctuated by the always subtle Drums of Doom. They begin the injection and as it starts, Mike seems to change his mind but it's too late. Izzie has her wits more about here this time, though, and she demands that Mike look at her and stay with them. Mike's instincts have taken over and he's writhing and clenching in pain, but Hahn yells at Izzie to get him to cough since his current not breathing could kill him. Izzie yells at him to look at her but as he does, another face also looks over -- Denny. He looks incredibly solemn, and Izzie now can only stare at her ghostly dead fiancée instead of helping the poor man crashing on the table next to her.

Alex and Cristina are busily working on their corpses when Lexie pages to say that "beaten to a pulp guy" is coding. Alex pulls off his gown and yells that he's now Alex's patient, and runs after Cristina.

Once is the guy's room, Cristina demands to know why Lexie didn't put in a chest tube, and is disgusted when Lexie admits that she doesn't know how. Lexie finally stands up for herself for once and reminds Cristina that of course she doesn't know how, because Cristina never lets her do one, and also hogs all of the robots and bodies that she could learn on. Alex notes, "Dude, I think you broke her." He's not wrong. He then notices blood in the guy's urine, which causes a lot of calling dibs on different surgeries. Hunt is outside and watches the gross display as they bicker with one another about whose patient the guy is. Disgusted, he comes in and orders them off of the guy. Alex starts to explain what they just did but Hunt is furious and shuts him up. Alex defends that they saved his life, but Hunt -- who looks like steam might actually start coming out of his ears -- yells at them for acting like vultures "What you did was treat a man who's fighting to live like he's already dead. You've no sense, no decency, and no respect!" The three are finally too stunned to respond, and Cristina actually flinched a little when he made the crack about their lack of decency. Hunt orders them out of the room and she's the last one to go, taking all of the medical waste with her. He won't look at her but she stares at him as she goes.

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