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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

Mr. Bullard is still pumping on his wife's chest, and Bailey gives him some oxygen. Derek pleads with him to understand that his wife is gone, that her heart isn't beating on its own. He adds that once Mr. B stops, her heart will stop. Gutted and exhausted, he tells them he can't be the one to let her go. Bailey tells him she' know. "I know you can't. She puts her hands over his and begins the compressions herself while Derek takes the broken man and helps him sit down. Derek gives Bailey a tiny nod, but Bailey is looking straight at Mr. B and now she can't do it either. Mr. B watches her like a scared child and Derek says her name, but she gives a tiny shake of her head and keeps going.

Izzie is still staring at Denny, completely oblivious to the chaos around her. But once she gets a small smile and a nod of approval, she's able to go back to the more pressing task of actually helping save a man's life. She orders Mike to open his eyes and stay with them, and Hahn watches her warily as Izzie demands for him to cough. After a moment, he coughs and then takes his first deep breath in who knows how long. She looks back up for more approval from the dead, but Denny is gone, and she looks rather sad about it.

Derek watches Bailey continue on Mrs. Bullard and then finally takes control of the situation. Softly he tells her, "You don't have to do it. Let me." He takes over and makes a few slow compressions before laying his hands down and then taking them off his patient completely. Bailey goes over to Mr. B and places her hand on his back to help comfort him as the monitor drones to remind them of her flatline. Mr. B seems completely destroyed.

Sloane finds Yang sitting at one of the nurses' stations and tries to sexily ask her for a post-op report. She barely hears him, so he finally asks what's wrong with her. She's totally perplexed. He "explains:" "I've had women opt for needless buttock enhancement surgery just for another chance to be flirted with by me!" It takes her a while to clue in but when he finally yells that he's been hitting on her all day, she begins to chuckle maniacally. She then gives him a pained, "ooh," face for his efforts before chuckling again. Hunt watches through the window as she walks away laughing, and Sloane yells after her that it was Derek's idea. When Derek walks up, Mark declares that Cristina is no single malt scotch, instead she's, "bad cheap wine that gives you a headache you can feel in your teeth." Hunt seems to quickly be turning into the grouchy old man of the staff and to prove it, actually harrumphs.

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