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Out in the lobby, Derek shakes Mr. Bullard's hand and watches the man shuffle out. I found myself aching, hoping that this fictional character had somewhere to go and someone to help him -- that's how much he got to me. Mere begins to wrap us up for the week. "We are born, we live, we die. Sometimes not necessarily in that order." Derek drops his head and walks back into the hospital.

George is having a much better end to his day as he shocks Stan and manages to keep him alive. Triumphantly he holds the paddles he just used in the air and yells, "Yes! You! Don't! Get! To! Die!" It's a bit of a shock when Hunt congratulates him, and George tries to brush off his excitement and act cool, responding that Stan is just a robot. Hunt walks up to Stan and says to him that he wants to take back what he said earlier about leaving, and that he was overreacting. "I was just... it was personal and I wondered if you could just forget about it." See? No one can work in this hospital without getting unprofessionally involved! George is totally confused, especially when Stan tells Hunt to go get some sleep, he'll see him tomorrow. Hunt nods and leaves, and George glares at Stan and then finds where a camera had been hidden in the room. He asks, "Chief?" Chief tells him, "Good save, O'Malley." Trying to salvage his pride, George thanks him through clenched teeth.

Mere wraps up Lexie's day: "We put things to rest, only to have them rise up again." Lexie finds the other interns chanting like someone is doing a keg stand, only they're all actually putting in IV's. They look at her expectantly, so she swallows her pride and tells them, "I'm in." Everyone cheers, and she sits down gleefully to start her career as a human pincushion.

Derek walks into his and Mere's bedroom to find Mere reading to Cristina from one of the journals. The girls see him and Mere can't stop grinning as she asks, "Oh, Sloane. Seriously?" Cristina asks if he thought maybe they'd double-date? He nods ruefully and then warns that he's going to take his pants off, which sends Cristina running. Man, I remember a time that I as a viewer would have been much more excited at the prospect than I am now. McDreamy, where did you go? Mere then gathers up a few journals and happily kisses Derek to go downstairs and read. See, as that really so hard? Her VO asks, "So if death is not the end, what can you count on any more?"

You can count on this next scene to be really awkward, that's for sure. Callie and Hahn are walking out of the hospital and Callie asks about her patient. Hahn fills her in and then informs Callie that she went to Richard and he shut her down, so now she's going to report what happened to UNOS. Callie is completely taken by surprise and sputters, "Whoa, whoa, what why?" Hahn is appalled when Callie asks what good would come of it, and when Callie asks if it would change Mike's outcome, Hahn yells angrily that he wouldn't even be there if not for Izzie. Callie asks if she's really going to cost the hospital its certification, patients new organs and people their jobs over what happens, as well as cost Izzie her career. Hahn absolutely can't believe that Callie is taking Izzie's side and I have to say, I agree. I fully believe where Callie is worried about the hospital as a whole, but it's a little much to have her fully looking out for Izzie. Callie tries to defend that doctors at the hospital have to look out for each other, but Erica shuts her down immediately. Amazingly, Callie continues to defend Izzie, telling Erica that unless she was there in the room with Izzie and Denny, she can't judge what happened. Hahn thinks it's easy. "There's right and there's wrong. And this was wrong. And illegal." Her voice has the same husky emotion it did last week when she realized she was gay, but this time it's not happy emotion. She spits, "You can't kind of think this is okay. You can't kind of side with Izzie Stevens." That said, she delivers her final blow. "And you can't kind of be a lesbian."

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