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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

In the skills lab, Richard introduces the doctors to Stan -- "State of the art computerized patient simulator." Stan, in other words, is a very creepy-looking dummy. The way Izzie was yelling last week, I assumed the hospital both had these already and that the docs had worked on them, but I guess not. He explains that Stan does everything a normal patient does, including speak. In an eerie computerized voice, Stan tells Richard he's not feeling well. He makes a crack about Stan being more forgiving than their other patients (and pigs) in that he will just come back if they kill him. Alex wants the pigs back, and Cristina wants to work on an actual human, but Bailey tells them that when Richard picks someone to do the first solo surgery, they have to be ready. Chaos erupts as everyone starts shouting questions. She tells them she doesn't know when or what it will be, but that whoever wins should be prepared to do any type of surgical procedure. They also will be able to choose one intern to scrub in. With that, they are to practice and also not make Bailey look stupid. She sends Izzie and Mere to Hahn, Cristina to the pit, and leaves George and Alex to work on Stan. Alex starts walking backwards towards Stan, so George yells, "Dibs!" a hair before Alex yells "Mine!" and smacks Stan in the stomach. Stan answers by telling Alex he's having chest pain.

Izzie and Mere are following Hahn down the hall and Izzie is doing what she does best: whining. She's bummed that they won't be doing any big surgeries today since they want to start looking important for the solo surgery, but Hahn mercifully cuts her off. Their patient is someone who shockingly, she actually cares for personally and has been treating for over two years. They'll be doing some sort of procedure that helps buy him time before he can get a new heart, and Mere and Izzie to their credit immediately shape up and say they are ready. Hahn asks if they are familiar with the case, and Mere starts reading off the guy's stats -- Michael Norris, 44, blah-dee-blah blah heart disease... Izzie hasn't read the chart, so she gets increasingly nauseated-looking as Mere goes on to say that Michael narrowly missed out on a heart on May 14, 200 -- before they have to give a year and really show how screwed up the GA timeline is, Izzie cuts her off. It turns out, Michael Norris was supposed to get the heart that Izzie cunningly stole for Denny. BUM BUM BUM.

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