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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

Lexie finds her interns and announces, "Bow to me, for I am the Queen of the Interns. I have assembled an army of the dead to teach us things." She's greeted with a lot of puzzled stares so she explains that she got cadavers for them to work on. The other interns react as if she really is their Queen, and they agree to meet the bodies for lunch. Of course, as she chose a super-private location known as, "the hall" to tell them, Alex overhears and bites into a sandwich with a scheming look on his face.

Hahn finds Callie to ask her if she knew about a relationship between Izzie and Denny. Callie laughs and snorts and refers to the engagement and the cutting of the LVAD wire to get him a heart -- see, she knows how the gossip flies around here. She adds that Izzie was on probation and was nearly kicked out. Now it's Callie's turn to act dumber than usual and not realize just how hard this would be for Hahn, and she just flippantly realizes that Hahn wasn't at the hospital then. Erica agrees that she was not; she was at another hospital, "Watching my patient's heart get stolen out of his chest." As she storms off, Callie seems to finally realize that Erica is genuinely upset and that this might be a bad thing.

Alex has paged Izzie down to the basement and she mopes down the hall behind him, explaining that she's not in the mood for sex. He just asks if she wants to see dead guys, which freaks her out and she demands to know why he'd ask that. Don't worry, Izzie, you're the only one seeing your dead fiancée's ghost and letting him distract you. Alex takes her inside and unveils the grey feet of the cadavers, adding he heard she was having a bad day and wanted to cheer her up. She chuckles maniacally at the bouquet of corpses Alex just brought and I feel a little sorry for him since he seemed so proud that he finally did something right. Izzie starts talking to herself, assuring herself that Denny is dead and that there have just been too many dead people today. I hope today is the last we see of Dead Denny. I love him, but this is making Izzie's already-stupid storylines even worse. She walks out as Lexie walks in, and when she yells that the cadavers are for interns, he yells back that she should go play with Stan.

Stan, meanwhile, is busy spraying blood out of all sorts of different orifices. George freaks out while trying to help him and Stan actually tells him that there must be something he's forgetting. He then adds, "I'm surprised you even passed your intern exam!" It's at this point that I thought George would realize that someone was operating Stan from behind a curtain, but no, he just keeps working. It turns out that the wizard is none other than Richard, who can't keep from laughing as he watches what's going on from a bank of monitors with an amused tech sitting next to him. Hahn finds him chuckling but isn't amused to watch as Richard blows one of Stan's arteries and cries, "I'm bleeding out!" She announces that she's there about Izzie and Denny, and the Chief puts on his Serious Face in response.

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