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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

As soon as they get to his office, she demands to know how Izzie still has a job, how Seattle Grace is still accredited and (answering her own question) how it could have gone unreported. Once she tells him it's no wonder the hospital is ranked twelfth, he finally orders her to stop. She won't, however, and yells that she wants an ethics review panel assembled, and Izzie and Bailey investigated. As Richard tries to stop her, she screams that her patient lost a heart and so someone better lose their job. He stops and angrily yells back that it was reported to him and he dealt with it, and that they aren't going to dig it up again. He maintains that Izzie was punished and learned from her mistake, and that she's, "On her way to becoming an excellent surgeon." Well, let me know when we see proof of that one. He yells that it's in the past and will stay there. She leans over his desk and in a husky voice rails that it's not in the past for her, "It's lying on a bed in the ICU about to die." Richard informs her that she is then responsible to make sure that doesn't happen, and she turns and slams out of the office. For the second week in a row it's raw, actual emotion from Erica, and yet another dimension other than just "angry surgeon," or "dopey in love." Too bad this only came out now.

Derek and Bailey are with Mr. Bullard at his wife's bedside, and Derek explains that the surgery was difficult and they don't know how they'll respond. Mr. B waits a moment but puts on a happy face and tells them the waiting is the hardest part. Derek warns somberly that she might not live through the night, and Mr. B nearly cuts him off assuring that he knows. He then sits down next to his wife and puts his hand on her arm to wait.

Mere heads into the x-ray room and finds Izzie -- again she is really gentle as she asks if Izzie is hiding from Hahn. Izzie answers, "Sure, her too." She asks after Mike, and Mere explains what Izzie was there to hear already: the procedure failed and he's refusing to try it again. Mere tells Iz she should go find Hahn but Izzie morosely reminds her that she stole his heart, both for Denny and for herself. "And now I'm supposed to hold his hand while we torture him?" Well, you'd be holding his hand while you tried to save his life, actually. But if she helped save him then she wouldn't be able to wallow in her own martyrdom, now would she? She admits that she can't even look at him and that yes, she's hiding, so Mere leaves.

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