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It's Bailey's Wedding Eve, but instead of looking forward to the next day with giddy anticipation, she's testily barking detailed instructions at April to care for her various patients. April then in turn gives instructions to Leah, which sets Bailey off -- not because Leah is the second most detestable intern in the hospital but because she's an intern, period, and Bailey thinks she'll kill the folks and the worry will stress her out. April is more excited about the wedding and honeymoon than Bailey is and tries to ask about details; when Bailey fixes her with a death glare, April just assures her she's got it. Mere tells us that our adrenal system reacts to stress by making us alert and reactive but the one little issue is that we can't tell the difference between regular nerves and actual impending disaster.

Alex is stuck with Princess again and he's telling a kid about the stomach implant that they are putting later. He and his family are excited and grateful, and Alex introduces Princess and tells the family that they have a great team of doctors. Well, that statement is 50% true.

When Bailey encounters Callie, Callie has the nerve to act excited and hum "Here Comes the Bride." Once Bailey shuts that down, she tersely instructs that when she and Arizona arrive at the venue, they aren't supposed to sit down. Callie is all confused and alarmed since she wants a good seat, but Bailey just gets indignant and starts ranting about how Callie is a surgeon but can't follow simple instructions. Finally, a light clicks on above her head -- this is Classic Awkward Bailey (welcome back!) trying to ask Callie and Arizona to be her bridesmaids. She gets even more annoyed when Callie has the gall to be excited and honored about it.

Jackson is in a meeting with Derek, Meredith and Lizzie to go over the surgery and Derek is being his usual ray of happy sunshine -- for each thing Jackson tells Lizzie, like how she will have some discomfort, Derek counters that it's going to hurt like a bitch for months. The two start bickering like the siblings they are while Mere presses her fingers to her forehead as if that will help her keep her sanity. Lizzie finally says something about cutting off a leg for Derek, he jumps on that and tells her it's just a nerve, and Mere tersely orders them to focus. Jackson thinks Lizzie has actual doubts but she's just trying to wind up her big brother and she cheerfully signs off on all the paperwork. Lizzie can be a little much but I'm starting to think you don't want Mere as a sister-in-law as she barely knows how mold her face into any sort of pleased or thankful expression. Once the forms are signed Lizzie asks if she can go see Zola in daycare -- it sounds like she's been chomping at the bit for it. Mere tells her she's sorry (not sounding very sorry at all) but that they don't let adults come and go because it's harder on the kids. This must be a new policy after all of the years that we have seen Bailey, Mark, Meredith, Derek, Callie and Arizona, oh, coming and going from the daycare whenever they want to say a quick hello to their offspring. Lizzie purses her lips, which Derek notices and immediately promises to bring Zola over later.

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