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Jackson walks in to the OR and delivers a long piece of nerve to Callie. (Shouldn't there be two pieces?) Callie gets right to work with it and then asks the room if there is no small talk just because it's Derek on the table. She reminds everyone that small talk keeps them awake during difficult procedures. Smash screws up his courage to speak up and then says that he took a giant mass off of a woman's butt with April the week before. Callie is disgusted that Smash thinks this is good OR banter. Again, he's new - he'll get soon that sex is the best topic.

Cristina and Owen are working together but Cristina is being extra snappy towards both him and Heather. He tries to make small talk but Cristina shuts him right up so that she can work.

When the surgery is over, Owen confronts Cristina in the scrub room to find out what on earth is going on. She just demands to know if they are getting divorced because of the lawsuit. He seems stunned that she found out -- despite Derek treating it as a widely-known fact -- and tells her that he wants all of them to get the money and knew that she might reject the divorce idea just because it was him that suggested it. This of course pisses her off even more and they begin screaming at each other for making unilateral decisions about their marriage, such as moving across the country or divorcing. She's convinced that he's using the plane crash as an excuse because he's too chicken to just ask straight out for a divorce. But he finally yells back that when he makes decisions, he does things like choose an airline whose planes fall apart in midair. He's completely wracked with guilt, and she is stunned. And let me point out that in his meeting with the lawyers it was pointed out that he signed off on the switch to that company, but other people were the ones who made the actual choice, so this is by no means just his fault. As he goes on, a horrified Cristina tells him gently that he didn't build or fly the plane. But he thinks that someone has to take responsibility; normally people just shy away from it and say they only had a little part of the decision. He tells her that it takes a lot of small mistakes to destroy something. Hmmm, how conveniently that statement could also apply to their marriage. He reminds her that he's one of those people who helped make the decision, and then leaves while she watches him with tears in her eyes.

Music plays as we watch a montage of everyone getting ready in the locker rooms; a shot of April's tennis shoes next to presumably her one pair of dressy heels is incredibly reminiscent of the show's original credits. She and Jackson share one long meaningful glance. Cristina just sits in her scrubs, still sick from the conversation she had with Owen. In the intern locker room, Stephanie acts like she's never put on makeup before and has no idea how to use an eyelash curler.

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