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Meredith looks stunning in a satin red halter dress with a plunging neckline; when she goes to see Derek he wakes up from surgery and delighted that this is the first thing he sees. She reports that Callie said the surgery went perfectly. He asks about Lizzie and Mere says that she had been sleeping, but she'll go by before she leaves. After they kiss he tells her hopefully that it might have worked. They gaze at the bandages covering his arm and hand and she just raises her eyebrows, seemingly not wanting to get her hopes up too much. Kind of like with her pregnancy.

Arizona is in a gorgeous deep red dress but we see her flat prosthetic foot next to her flat shoe as she lets out a defeated sigh. Callie looks hotter than the sun in her own slinky red dress and she can't believe they are back on the shoe issue. Arizona snaps at her to stop talking about it since it makes her feel even more stupid, and tries to get Callie to go without her. When Callie has the nerve to get fed up, Arizona snaps that she has no idea what it's like. Finally, though, Callie snaps back that she in fact has every idea because that's all her life is about these days. Everything has revolved around Arizona's leg since the plane crash but Callie's over it and thinks Arizona has to suck it up and start living. She points out that Arizona is exactly the same person that she was before, just minus one leg. Callie pleads with Arizona to let them have one night that actually isn't about the leg, PLEASE. When she's done with her outburst she looks shocked at herself and a little scared, and she opens her mouth like she's about to offer an apology. But Arizona is totally taken aback and after staring at Callie for a few moments, she reaches down and puts her shoe on her foot. Callie allows herself one of the only genuine, triumphant smiles she has had since the crash.

Meredith then heads into Lizzie's room where she can barely bring herself to sound like she actually cares how Lizzie is doing. She tells her that her vitals are okay and Derek is awake and doing well. Lizzie admits she knows she's pushy and that not everyone loves that, and then tells her that she doesn't have to want Derek's sisters. (Unspoken: But we're here anyway so get over it.) Mere gives her an actual smile and tells her she's a pain in the ass and Mere barely knows her. It's said kindly but she's totally serious. However, what both Lizzie and Derek said seems to have gotten through her prickly exterior, and she pulls up a chair. She tells Lizzie she has something to show her but she can't tell the rest of the fam. Lizzie agrees, so Meredith reaches into her purse and pulls out an ultrasound image and hands it over. Lizzie grins with excitement and softly cheers, "We're having a baby!" Even Mere finally looks actually happy about it, and the fact that she has the picture in her evening clutch shows she is more attached to this baby than she wanted to be during her appointment.

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