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It's almost time, and Bailey is in her dress and heels, storming to the car while her mom and one sister follow her, yelling at her to at least have someone actually drive her in her car to the venue. As they argue, a black stretch limo pulls up and when the door opens, a very dapper Richard gets out and smiles at her.

Speaking of dapper men, Jackson and Alex look really hot as they walk over to meet the girls. Stephanie has transformed into a sexy woman in a long purple dress, with perfect hair and makeup despite her earlier nerves. Jackson is slightly taken aback by just how amazing she looks. Alex wants to know where his date is and this is just at the moment that Princess walks out in a black dress. Both she and Alex are disgusted, but Alex finally gives a really fake smile in the spirit of making the best of things. Come on, folks. In the show-world, Stephanie has four friends, one of whom is Smash. There was a one in three chance this would happen and everyone should have known that.

Owen is pulling on his own suit jacket when Cristina appears at the door looking gorgeous. He's wary when she closes the door, and after a few moments she finally asks if the lawsuit was the only reason he asked for a divorce. He has no idea what to say and finally tells her that she was done with the marriage long before; Cristina tells him she wants to know how HE feels. Judging by the look on his face at this moment, I'm going with tortured and confused. She then tries a different approach and admits to him that she was going to ask him to try again when he said he wanted a divorce. It takes him no time at all to cross the room, grab her, and kiss her like his life depended on it.

As the limo drives down the street, Bailey fidgets nervously and finally Richard takes her hand with a smile to calm her. His phone rings and he's apologetic as he answers. Finally, we get a little dose of reality on the show - since they are in a quiet car Bailey can overhear the conversation clear as day and learns that Adele has just been brought in to the hospital, vomiting blood. She yells at the driver that they have to turn around and go to Seattle Grace immediately and we see the limo rather impressively swing right around and head in the other direction.

Her wedding venue really is beautiful, all snowy trees and glittering accents and a roaring fire. April and Smash both seem nervous and unable to talk to each other, and she shoots a glance back at Jackson who is actually talking to Stephanie. I guess her dress gave her the power to string words together. Alex and Princess, on the other hand, are sitting and staring straight ahead. Finally, he bitches that he thought it was supposed to start already.

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