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Alex is going over the kid's surgery with Princess Jo and tells her that she's the lucky winner who gets to remove some adhesions from the kid's stomach. She's thrilled but when he advises her to spend the next hours practicing in the skills lab she thinks about what it actually means to do actual surgery and gets a little bit freaked out. She then asks Alex if he's letting her do the surgery because she admitted her past to him. Alex sneers, "Oh yeah, I feel so bad you were a dumpster-diving orphan, I'm letting you hack up a 10-year-old." I wonder when she's ever going to remember that she's supposed to be a surgeon?

April is eating lunch with Mere and Cristina or rather, those two are eating lunch and she's freaking out about how she can't handle being at such a romantic event with Jackson across the room. Cristina can't help herself and says she is right to worry because once they are dressed up and lock eyes across the room, the next thing she knows they'll be doing it in the coatroom. April can't recognize the teasing and instead thinks about her dress and exclaims in horror before running off. Mere laughs at Cristina for being cruel and then takes a deep breath and stares at her... but says nothing. Cristina realizes something is up but when she asks what it is, Mere brushes it off.

Leah and Heather are eating lunch in the skills lab while Princess practices, and Leah asks if Alex is into her now because why else would he let her do this? They add that none of the other interns have removed adhesions. Yes, morons, it's because you are all super-new interns at a teaching hospital! Someone has to be first to do any of these procedures! This is, in fact, the point of your being here! Also, Leah seems genuinely casual about Alex maybe having a crush which is disconcerting since all we knew about her for weeks is that she was totally obsessed with him, at least until we learned she had a bitter competitive streak in her. I would have thought she'd be much more biting about it. Arizona comes in to ask Princess for a chart and when she hears about the adhesions, comments that Alex must really trust her. She does seem a little bit surprised and then notices that Princess is practicing using the totally wrong instrument. She asks if Princess is sure she's ready and she claims she is; Arizona then leaves her so that she can get in as much practice as possible. Leah then mocks Princess that she obviously shouldn't be doing this procedure, so it must mean Alex likes her. They could be writing a storyline in which Alex is slowly developing feelings for a plant in the waiting room and it would be as believable as this inevitable pairing with Princess Jo.

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