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April finds Bailey and lamely tries to tell her that she'll skip the wedding to monitor her patients, which she tries to sell as a completely selfless act. Bailey sees right through this and knows that April is just worried about seeing her ex and getting herself into trouble. She's unsympathetic and barks, "Suck it up, Kepner. If I have to go, you have to go." April runs off while Richard, who happened to walk in during this exchange, points out that this is a beautiful sentiment. She growls and stalks off while he chuckles. Seriously, some of this is vintage Bailey and cold feet would be understandable, but at this point I am kind of wondering why she's getting married and why no one is taking her worries this even remotely seriously.

Jackson, meanwhile, is actually thinking about work and a little problem that they have -- he tells Mere and Derek that Lizzie's got short calves so they will have to cut into both legs to get as much nerve as they need. Derek is against it and immediately tries to shut down the procedure yet again. Meredith reminds him that they couldn't find another donor and this is their only chance but he's quick to declare that the dream is just over, then. He won't allow discussion and refuses to let anyone even ask Lizzie what she thinks. Everyone who thinks he's terrified of trying this surgery, raise your hand!

April's great idea to avoid coatroom sex is for Jackson to bring a date, so that his focus will be on that person. He suggests, like a mature adult, that they could choose to focus on the bride and groom instead. But she is wearing a tight strapless dress, which means she'll be naked on the top 20% or so of her body, and apparently has reached age 30 with only one single wedding-appropriate dress so she can't wear something else. Jackson seems to finally think she has a point (and also finds her weird for her single dressy dress) but he's not sure how to find a date with one day's notice. Thank goodness the hospital is full of attractive young people, then; April sees Stephanie and yells out an invitation to her. Jackson tries to stop her but April presses on and Stephanie is so gobsmacked that she can barely form words. With one last reminder about her dress, Jackson caves and tells Stephanie he'll pick her up at 1 in the locker room. But as revenge, he tells April he gets to find her a date and just at that moment, an unsuspecting Smash comes walking down the stairs.

Lizzie is appalled to learn that she has stumpy calves, and Mere is quick to assure her that as calves go, they are fine -- they just don't have quite enough nerve. Mere is there to secretly tell Lizzie about what is going on after Derek refused to ask her, and Lizzie is of course fine to go ahead and give some nerve from each leg. But when Mere asks her not to tell Derek that it was she who approached Lizzie, Lizzie can't take it anymore and tells Mere she's got some balls. Mere seems to deliberately try to misunderstand and pretends Lizzie thinks it might be too much to ask after all but that's not it -- Lizzie is mad that there was no wedding, there was no invite to meet Zola, there was no accepting the family's invitation to visit, and in fact were only ever a couple of pictures sent to the Shepherd family of the newest addition. But yet Derek needs a nerve, and here Mere is. Lizzie has to explain that this is what sisters do for each other but if Mere wants to be a sister, she needs to actually act like one. Finally, Mere falls back on the old reliable excuse of her own shitty family growing up and she doesn't know how to have a family, waaaah. Lizzie brings up Lexie but Mere has no interest in talking about the sister she did actually love and shuts down any more talk of family (especially the reminder that Zola is a part of the big crazy Shepherd family) before she runs off.

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