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Now that Jackson has a sort-of actual date, he has to break the news to his dude-date, Alex, that he's taken. Alex is pissed off since they were going to pick up lonely bridesmaids together and blames April for ruining everything. He's even more appalled when he finds out that Stephanie is said date. Jackson offers that Stephanie probably has a friend but Alex stalks off... though he comes back long enough to agree with the caveat, "Just don't get me an ugly one."

Lizzie goes to find her brother, who tries to tell her they are not doing the surgery. Fortunately for him, she finds this ridiculous and insists that they are. She also jokes that with him being mom's favorite, she just locked her position as second favorite and she's not giving it up. He guesses (correctly) that she thinks he's using this as an excuse because he's too scared to operate. I'd say he's the last one of his family and friends to have this idea. Derek asks her what happens if the surgery fails but she tells him at least they tried. She then declares that they are doing it, and he's just to say thank you. He doesn't say it, but he does give her a sincere smile which seems to indicate he's back on board.

Alex and Princess are in the OR and after he asks if she is ready, she starts on her adhesions. He tells her to take her time, and for approximately two seconds everything goes great until she accidently puts a hole in the kid's stomach. Alex yells at her to move over and jumps in to fix the mess.

When Jackson walks up to Stephanie she turns into a blithering idiot again and initially thinks he's trying to cancel their date. In fact, he's trying to find a date for Alex, and Stephanie is further weirded out by the social goings-on at the hospital. That's just because she's new. She'll learn soon enough about the true extent of the drama that takes place there and how 99% of it has to do with sex.

Alex yells at Princess for some help, but she's having a complete meltdown and can't get her hands to stop shaking. He yells at her to get a hold of herself and come over, and adds that the kid will be fine but he needs her assistance. When she can't do it, he hollers at her to get out so she runs into the hall, hyperventilating.

Arizona and Callie are getting into bed -- it's good to see that at least they are in the same bed once again but they are far from cuddling. Arizona is down in the dumps and keeps trying to make excuses so that she can avoid the wedding the next day. Finally, her real reason for wanting to skip it comes to light: she is mortified that she can't wear heels to the wedding since she doesn't have the correct prosthetic foot for them. Callie tries to tell her it's not a big deal but that makes Arizona even more upset and Callie has to plead with her and try to convince her that she's totally beautiful no matter which shoes she is wearing. Poor Callie; it seems exhausting to have to constantly have conversations like this. She kisses Arizona's cheek and then Arizona rolls over and faces away from her wife to lie there and fret some more. Callie slides down under the covers too, leaving the requisite demilitarized zone that makes her visibly upset.

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