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Callie and Jackson have Derek on the operating table -- because it wasn't enough to just have Bailey's wedding be today. Callie asks if Mere will be watching but Derek says she doesn't want to make Callie nervous. She says she doesn't get nervous, and they have a nice little moment as she tells him to close his eyes and enjoy a nap. "You've got nothing to worry about." He looks right at her and tells her exactly the same thing. She gives him a big smile behind her mask and they put him under; she takes a deep breath before starting on the career-restarting or -ending surgery of the best neurosurgeon in the history of ever.

Mere isn't in that gallery because she's in the gallery overlooking Lizzie's surgery instead. She threatens Jackson that he better do a good job; when he turns to begin and knocks over all of the instruments she starts to freak out. Also freaking out is Stephanie, who is still too nervous to function like a normal human being around him. It doesn't help when Jackson tells her to get Mere out, and she begins yelling threats about how Mere will make her life a living hell if she does. Stephanie has no idea what to do but then looks into Jackson's limpid green eyes and presumably... turns off the intercom? I don't see her physically removing Mere from the gallery.

Alex is incensed when he confronts Princess about telling on him. She just yells that she worked really hard to get here and isn't going to let herself get fired. OH FOR THE LOVE OF LITTLE GREEN APPLES SHE IS THE WORST. And Alex basically says that when he hollers that nobody is firing her, he was just trying to help. She yells back that she clearly wasn't ready -- because nothing is better when you are a student than repeatedly belittling your abilities to your teachers and bosses. I mean, I'm all for being realistic and not killing patients, but this is way past that. Alex yells at her that she can't cry every time she gets scared because it's always scary in the OR. Of course, she's basically crying again already, and tells him she thought that after she blew the appendectomy she'd be a good target to pin something on. I... can't. She then reminds Alex that she doesn't trust people who are trying to help her, but he cuts off her sad story and tells her he doesn't give a shit and she needs to get over this and fast if she wants to be a surgeon. He declares that she burned a bridge with him, and better grow up before she does the same with every other attending who tries to teach her. This is not Alex being Alex-y; this is so very totally deserved. She is the worst.

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