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Bullets with Butterfly Wings
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"For most people, a hospital is a scary place," purr the dulcet, still slightly whiny tones of Meredith Grey. It's been almost two years since I stopped watching this show, but I'd still know that voice-over anywhere. While Mere talks about how most people think hospital are foreboding palaces of sickness and death but not her because she was raised in a hospital, we survey over several images from Seattle Grace and its favorite sons and daughters: Lexie and Alex waking up all awkward in the on-call room (he knocks her over when her pager goes off); a woman cries as a dead patient is wheeled away; Richard sits at a diner and reads the newspaper, fingering his AA six-month chip; Cristina and Callie weep into their cereal over their respective breakups; and Meredith takes a pregnancy test into the bathroom and gets to aiming. Later, she waits for April and Percy to leave the locker room before she reads it. Preggo, y'all. "The hospital was my safe place," the Mere VO continues. "My sanctuary. I love it here," she says as she walks smiling down the hallway, happier than I ever remember seeing her. As she does, she crosses paths with a man who I know primarily as Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield from The West Wing, though y'all will know him better as Mr. Clark, widower. They pass each other, and either she doesn't recognize him or is too much on a cloud to even see him. Either way, her VO says, "Correction: loved it here." Then the screen goes white and the title card says "OH SHIT." Or else, it should.

Once we're back, Mere has already told Cristina, who is freaking out a little bit. Was this planned? (No.) "So are we happy about this, or are we exercising our legal right to choose?" Meredith can't even answer, she's too busy smiling like a goof. Which is all the answer Cristina needs. I have to say, Cristina's developed a bit since I saw her last. The old Cristina never would have laughed at this moment and hugged Meredith over this clearly happy news. Mere hasn't told Derek yet, but she's says she's going to now. They're each paged (by Teddy and Derek, you can guess who's paging who), and Mere asks about the Teddy/Owen sitch. Cristina isn't entirely convincing as she brightly says she's over it. Cristina says she's proud of this "very adult" path Mere's about to walk down, and they depart, giggling about hoping the baby has Derek's hair. Okay, evolved or not, there is no way Meredith and Cristina being this cheerful isn't a bad omen.

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