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Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Mr. Clark wanders around the halls semi-aimlessly, occasionally asking people where he can find the Chief of Surgery. He's getting no help, probably due to the fact that there are sick people everywhere who need to be tended to. Alex blows him off, and from there we cross perspectives to Arizona and Lexie, who are tending to little Kendall, who needs to have her appendix removed. Arizona reassures Kendall's nervous parents while, behind her, Callie crosses and shoots Arizona the evil eye behind her back. She snaps at Alex (and apologizes) before completely ignoring a greeting from Arizona and stomps off.

Elsewhere, continuing the theme of silent treatments, Teddy isn't speaking to Owen as they march off to surgery. You know, because Owen tried to get Derek to fire her so he wouldn't have to choose between her and Cristina. I didn't even have to look that up; Teddy just said it all out loud.

Still elsewhere, Bailey and Percy tend to a patient who looks like a really worn down version of Mandy Moore. WAIT A SECOND! Yeah, Mandy's our special guest host this week, as a patient who's in between two surgeries to do something-something, and in the interim she's gotta wear a colostomy bag, which she finds appropriately gross. She's complaining (adorably) about having to wait for a blood transfusion before she can have the second surgery, and she's dying to be able to eat real food. She's so hungry she could eat Percy. You guys, at this point, if I'd have been able to put a thousand dollars down that Mandy was going to die in the next two hours, I honestly would have. I was POSITIVE. Bailey gives her a sweet Bailey pep talk and says they'll have her up and eating again, "so you don't have to eat Dr. Percy. I don't like him, but he's useful." That comment earns her a wary look from Percy, but nothing more. Mandy sends her wicked cute husband (played by Ryan Devlin, who I immediately recognized as Smith from the excellent Cougar Town and also from the final season of Veronica Mars, where even back then, Couch Baron and I were hoping for bigger and better things. Needless to say, we were probably envisioning better than nabbing the lead in the Shit My Dad Says show. Alas, where was I? Right: wicked cute husband) for some pizza, the bowel cleanse/enema that will follow be damned. Mandy then demands Percy check out her husband's hot ass. Step aside, Dr. Percy, I've got this.

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