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Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Yet farther elsewhere, Teddy and Owen's patient is a car-accident victim who was then shot by the guy who hit him. I'm not sure it's ever said who did it, but you have to wonder if it was Mr. Clark, right? The patient says he only got out to exchange insurance info, and Clark would obviously not have wanted to be slowed down. Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves now. For the moment, the patient's girlfriend is hysterical and needs to be removed from the trauma room, and the patient starts bleeding out. Emergency surgery, then! Cristina comes in, responding to Teddy's page. Teddy needs her to cover her post-ops. Cristina asks if that means she's not scrubbing in on this one. Owen starts to say something, but Cristina shuts him down quick, then agrees to do the post-ops without fuss.

Mr. Clark's still looking for the Chief of Surgery, but nobody has time for him. Looking angrier now, he steps into the supply room. He finds Reed in there and asks her, this time asking for Shepherd by name. She doesn't know, and he grabs her arm as she tries to walk past. He pressed, and she snaps at him that she's got a patient having seizures. Go find a nurse. She walks away, but when he asks again, she turns around and begins to say he's not even supposed to be back here, when BAM! He shoots her right in the head! Like, chunks of brain pouring out of the hole in her dome after she hits the floor. Whoa. Alex rounds the corner, sees Reed on the floor, but before he can process it, or let out anything beyond a "Dude..." Clark shoots him too! In the side, this time, but Alex goes down. At this point, you could call me "intrigued."

After the break, Alex is alive but seriously struggling. With the use of pretty much one arm, he drags himself into an elevator, then somehow reaches up to hit the button. All the while, you're expecting Clark to come finish him off. Since, for better or for worse, this has now become an actual horror movie. As Lauren said in the recaplet, Alex likely figured he'd be more likely to be found in an elevator than in a dark supply closet. Oh how wrong he was! See you in about 30 minutes, Karev.

Meredith doesn't know that yet, so she's still disconcertingly smiley as she steps into Derek's office. Derek is less boundlessly cheery as bureaucratically stifled at the moment. Sensing it's not the right time, Mere makes plans for tonight at home. Pushing papers around his desk like a champ, Derek can only say, "I hate that you're so happy right now." To Meredith's credit, that potentially ill-timed remark rolls off her back, and she tells him to look forward to the dirty sex they'll be having tonight. Derek's all, "Okay, twist my arm."

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